ISDN Switch Off

25% of businesses in the UK are unaware of the ISDN Switch Off

ISDN Switch Off

Pescado has recently viewed the results of a Survey by TalkTalk Business which shows that over 25% of business decision makers in the UK are unaware of the BT ISDN Switch off that will take place in 2025.

BT’s decision to switch off the traditional ISDN network is to drive customers towards IP Voice Services, such as Hosted Telephony Systems and SIP Trunks.

The Survey also showed, of the businesses that have already moved to IP based services, the majority had made a saving over their traditional system. 25% had seen their Telephony spend reduce by more than 50%. The survey continued to show that there were others drivers for change outside of costs with 24% of those surveyed businesses reported increased flexibility which benefitted the business and 31% could demonstrate the move of technologies had provided increased efficiency to the business.

The survey, which was carried out by Censuswide, spoke to 1,000 decision makers from businesses across the UK.


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