Mobile 4G

4G beyond your mobile

4G coverage has increased significantly in the UK and EE has been a strong driving force behind this.

Individuals and businesses are increasingly relying on improved coverage and higher speeds. Our expectations have risen and we now expect to be able to access a reliable 4G connection pretty much anywhere in the UK and definitely in our towns and cities. EE currently has more than 92% UK population coverage with its 4G network and is aiming for 98% of the UK population to be covered as soon as possible and the other major networks are hot on their tails.

As coverage and speed improves so do the possibilities. 4G is about to mean more than just access to the internet on your phone when you are on the move.

4G connected products are a growing tech trend and this is something EE’s chief sales and marketing officer, Gerry McQuade thinks will have an impact during 2016. EE launched a 4G streaming action camera last year which was well received. There will no doubt be more gadgets brought to market this year for consumers to get excited about but McQuade thinks we’ll also see new uses of 4G emerging for businesses.

Benefits of 4G to businesses

Exactly how businesses will benefit and how employers will begin to utilise 4G is still unclear but the coverage is available and the technology is constantly developing. Forward thinking employers will already be looking at how they can use these advances to help connect their workforce and their systems. There will be numerous ways in which businesses can use 4G connectivity and new smart products to give them greater efficiencies and improve productivity. We’ll be watching out for innovative approaches and new ideas.