4G at height

4G now available at height

London’s third tallest sky scraper Tower 42 (formerly known as the NatWest Tower) is getting connected. The 42 floor building is one of the oldest skyscrapers in the capital but is moving with the times to ensure its visitors have access to high-speed mobile data.

The building, which is home to numerous offices as well as bars, restaurants, a gym and beauty facilities will now offer 4G throughout thanks to a partnership with Vodafone.

How has 4G been achieved at height?

Vodafone engineers have been installing an ‘in-building 4G system’ which will deliver high-speed mobile data to all 42 floors, meaning visitors will be able to get the same coverage no matter how high up in the building they are. The move will mean workers won’t need to be sat at their desk to access the internet and should have high-speed connections on their smart phones as they move about the building without the need to connect to wifi.

The mammoth project has seen engineers install hundreds of antennae and more than 6,100m of coax cable and 2,000m of fibre to power the system. To give you an idea of the extent of the work, stretched out this would equal more than 43 times the height of the building, or the distance from London Bridge to the Natural History Museum.