5 ways Pescado Cloud technology drives Smarter Working

Pescado are leaders in providing modern Cloud communication software. For well over a decade, a variety of organisations have utilised their expert telecoms and IT solutions to maximise service delivery. In doing so, their internal and external processes have become smarter – improving efficiency, productivity and collaboration across teams. The surge of remote working due to the COVID-19 pandemic has placed an even greater pressure on the public sector to have powerful systems in place, enforcing the Smarter Working principle that work is no longer where we go, but what we do.

Pescado’s innovative Cloud technology is here to help your department, with our Cloud services available through the Digital Marketplace as official suppliers on the G-Cloud 12 framework.

Here are just 5 ways Pescado can encourage Smarter Working

  1. Adaptability across multiple devices and multiple platforms. Technology is moving beyond the fixed desktop computer towards a utilisation of a range of devices and software that is accessible anywhere and anytime. Pescado’s software, from IT solutions to Nvoice for Microsoft Teams, champions this level of fast flexibility, offering departments and teams ways of working which are not restricted to workplace, but instead focus on enhancing the capabilities of how you work – a crucial component during the Coronavirus pandemic and for the future.
  2. Pescado offers high-quality telephony services available in a variety of ways. From integration in traditional handsets or phones, to devices that feature conference software, adding incredible value to Microsoft Teams. Telephony software hosted by NFON makes communication simpler and more effective, ensuring important calls are always connected to staff through one telephone number and one inbox. Instead of clunky desk phones, your teams can operate seamlessly through one communication hub that hosts video, calls and messaging simultaneously. It is through powerful unified communications systems such as this that central and local government departments are becoming steadily more agile and responsive.
  3. Get the most out of your Contact Centre. An increasing number of public sector organisations are committing to optimising the customer journey, and Smarter Contact Centres are a fundamental part of this. Pescado’s Contact Centre Solution, Ncontactcentre, offers a customer interaction platform that is universal, featuring rich interaction functionality and communication across multiple channels, including social media, web chat and email. Its user-friendly web interface provides customers with public service delivery that is simple, effective and a far more personalised experience, which can make a real difference in the challenging climate of today.
  4. Save on cost efficiencies, no matter your budget or resource. Why maintain heat and electricity bills for entire buildings while staff are working remotely, and are likely to continue to do so for some time to come? By transitioning to Cloud technology, not only can you free up physical data centres and valuable floor space, you will significantly reduce the running costs of buildings. See the Cloud as an opportunity to repurpose these spaces and drive better value to the funding of vital front-line services that are more important than ever.
  5. Attract and retain new talent. By incorporating innovative Cloud software into the heart of your people and processes, your department will be more readily able to attract and retain new talent which will benefit government services and the wider public sector. The young generations of today learn, grow and thrive in a digital culture where they can switch between real and virtual worlds in their personal and professional lives. By recognising this and implementing positive changes through Cloud technology, the future landscape of government will be much brighter and bursting with talent.


Learn more about how Pescado can transform your organisation. Find us on the Digital Marketplace, as official suppliers on the G-Cloud 12 framework.