5G The Facts – What it means for you and your business

5G is fast approaching with EE launching on the 30th May and Vodafone on the 3rd July, your options for getting connected are going to hot up this summer.

What is 5G?

We started with 2G giving users the ability to text, mms and basic internet access, each generation, 3G, 4G and now 5G has added more functionality.  Currently most networks operate at 3G and 4G, the latest generation 5G offers greater reliability, is faster, with larger capacity and lower response times.  5G will change the way we use mobile broadband on the go.  Opening more usage ideas with 5G you may even get to ditch your fixed line broadband connection.

What is 5G capable of?

A better connection in busy places at peak times –  5G will give you a more reliable connection at peak times in the busiest of places.  5G offers a lot more bandwidth than 4G supporting more devices simultaneously – you may never again have to struggle to share your amazing concert experience or that extra time goal.

Faster speeds and better quality – Faster mobile speeds mean that you will be able to download films in seconds rather than minutes and stream in the highest resolutions, so you can watch live events and enjoy better quality video calls.

Instant Connection – 5G responds almost instantly making for a much slicker user experience, opening options for you to play games and use virtual reality on the move.

What speeds can you expect?

5G is expected to reach speeds in excess of 1Gb/s at launch, add to this the capability to reduce latency (response time) from 20ms or 40ms on 4G to less than 10ms, connecting on 5G will feel lightning fast.

Where will it be available at launch?

EE will start by rolling out 5G in six cities on the 30th May – London, Edinburgh, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham and Manchester.  Later in 2019 they will also roll out 5G in ten other cities: Bristol, Coventry, Glasgow, Hull, Leeds, Leicester, Liverpool, Newcastle, Nottingham and Sheffield

Vodafone are switching on in seven cities on the 3rd July – Birmingham, Bristol, Cardiff, Glasgow, Liverpool, London and Manchester.

This means the lucky businesses and residents of Birmingham, Cardiff and London will soon have two 5G networks to choose from.

O2 announced in February that they will roll out 5G in Belfast, Cardiff, Edinburgh and London in 2019, there hasn’t been a confirmed launch date.

Three have yet to announce launch dates for 5G.

How do you get access to 5G?

You will need a new handset, new devices are already on the market from Samsung, LG and OnePlus with more brands set to follow as the technology is rolled out.

Why do I need a new handset?

5G operates at a much higher frequency than 4G, between 28Ghz and 60Ghz, the current range of handsets cannot operate at this range.   Higher frequency enables 5G to operate at higher speeds, the only downside to this is that it requires a smaller coverage cell, a bit like being under a spotlight where the light is stronger and concentrated in a small area.

5G is going to open a world of possibilities for business, speak to the Pescado team to find out your 5G options – 033 000 22 000