Apple night shift mode

Apple adds new Night Shift mode to help users get a good night’s sleep

Do you struggle to sleep? If so you are not alone and the situation has been getting worse with more and more us reportedly not benefiting from the recommended eight hours. But the question experts have been asking is why are so many of us are having trouble sleeping? Research has shown that our use of technology plays a significant role in those sleepless nights. It seems the blue light from screens on gadgets such as our smart phones and tablets are causing the problem.

How does blue light affect sleep?

Over exposure to blue light from screens late in the day and before going to bed has been shown to increase disrupted sleep and insomnia. Sleep and medical experts have been urging tech users to put down their appliances earlier and do other things before going to bed but with so many of us used to checking our emails right before we go to sleep (more than three quarters of us admit we check our smart phones before bed) this isn’t going to work for everyone. Apple think they have found a solution to the problem which will allow their users to continue to use their iPhones and iPads at night whether they are checking messages for work or browsing online. Their solution is their new Night Shift mode.

The Night Shift feature uses the iOS device’s built–in clock to work out when the sunsets in a user’s timezone and adjusts the colour balance switching the display to a warmer tone with more yellow and red light. As well as working automatically, users will also be able to set blue and yellow light manually, depending on when they want to go to sleep which should help people who work shifts or have different sleeping patterns.