business broadband speed

Are you getting the broadband speed you expect?

According to the EU Commission consumers in the EU are being short changed when it comes to the speed of their broadband.

We’ve all experienced frustration at one time or another with irritatingly slow broadband and most of us accept the occasional drop in speed as just one of those things but across the EU it seems that the problem is worse than that.

A recent report from the EU commission has shown that broadband users are only getting 75% of the download speed that has been advertised by their provider. Broadband costs on the continent have fallen but when it comes to broadband services cost isn’t the only factor. Consumers are demanding more and more from their broadband and a quality, reliable service with consistent speeds is important to most subscribers.

How is broadband speed improving?

Continuous investment across Europe in broadband networks has raised the average actual download speed from 30Mbps (2013) to 38Mbps (2014). Obviously this is a significant improvement but despite this there is still a gap between advertised speed and the speed that people are actually receiving in their homes and workplaces.

The discrepancy between advertised speeds and actual speeds is clearly an issue but if you are frustrated with the speed of broadband in your organisation there might be a faster cost effective solution. When was the last time you reviewed your connectivity? Get in touch and we can look at your business, your location and advise on the best approach to ensure you are using the fastest, most reliable connection available.