Office Phone System

Are you ready to move to SIP?

With BT’s plan to turn off the ISDN network by 2025, it is only a matter of time before you need to upgrade your businesses telecommunications.

Lots of businesses have made the move to SIP and are already enjoying:

  • Ongoing cost savings on line rentals and calls
  • Disaster recovery as standard
  • Greater agility, allowing businesses to scale voice services to meet demand

So what are you waiting for?  If you are worried the changeover to SIP is arduous, don’t panic, the implementation process is simple and Pescado will be on hand to guide you every step of the way.

Moving to SIP

  1. Start Planning

Which phone numbers do you currently use that you would like to keep?  The move to SIP is a good opportunity to rationalise the numbers you use and get rid or move any legacy numbers.  Porting (Moving) your numbers can take several weeks so make sure you give your teams and contacts enough notice.

  1. Internet Bandwidth

SIP uses your internet connection, you will need to make sure your current connection has enough bandwidth to cope with adding voice to your data network.  Pescado implement a G711 codec (Codec ensures voice quality) this requires 100 to 110kbps per call.  For example 10 simultaneous calls will require 1Mbps of bandwidth (up and down)

  1. Compatible PBX

You will need to check if your PBX is compatible.  Don’t worry if it isn’t compatible you can purchase a connection gateway, Pescado will be able to procure and install the gateway for you.

  1. Know your contingency options

Pescado implement Disaster Recovery as standard, this means if you lose your internet connection for any reason your calls will be automatically redirected as predefined by you.  This could be to another site/location or to a mobile.

  1. Test

Run a trial before you switch over. This ensure that any potential issues are such as firewall setting are flagged before you go live and can be addressed.

Once you have gone through the above you are ready to make the move to SIP.

If you have any questions or would like more information on the SIP and VoIP solutions available from Pescado call the team today on

033 000 22 000