5G investment

Autumn Statement Unveils £1bn for 5G

Investment for 5G

5G will be the next generation of modern communications, which will enable our mobile devices to use yet more data and facilitate the advancement of other digital communications technology such as the Internet of Things, self-driving cars and even virtual reality.

The UK government is fully supporting moves to improve our digital infrastructure and in the Autumn Statement yesterday Philip Hammond pledged over £1bn for ultra-fast broadband and 5G. This is a very exciting announcement for the telecoms industry and comes following a new programme of trials for 5G technology this week.

Of the £1bn promised to enhance our connectivity and telecoms £700 million has been assigned to supporting 5G trials.

During the Autumn Statement Hammond spoke explicitly about the government’s desire to encourage the development and implementation of 5G: “My ambition is for the UK to be a world leader in 5G. That means a full-fibre network; a step-change in speed, security and reliability,” he said.

Businesses will also be pleased to hear that the government will also be offering business rates relief on new fibre infrastructure from April 2017.

5G technology promises to deliver higher speeds (reportedly more than 1Gps), the ability to carry more data, allow for greater coverage and be more capable of moving around obstacles.

The announcement has been well received by the major telecoms companies who are investing in and developing 5G technology. However others have been more reserved in their enthusiasm, citing concerns that many rural areas in the UK still struggle to get 3G, 4G or a signal at all in certain locations. Some feel these areas have been left behind while focus remains on improving technology for the densely-populated areas of the UK.

Despite these concerns the advent of 5G is an exciting prospect for all of us and it is positive to see the government seriously investing in the project.