North Wales mobile coverage

Bid to improve mobile coverage in North Wales

Our head office is based in Chester just minutes from the border with Wales so we take an active interest in mobile coverage in North Wales.

Staff and clients who live, work or holiday in the area often complain about coverage in parts of North Wales. With lots of beautiful countryside and plenty of mountains you might expect phone signals to be slightly below average or not quite as good as in urban areas but the reality is that coverage is well below average and for many is having a negative impact on their business in the region.

Better Mobile Campaign

The local paper the Daily Post has decided it is time for action. The paper has launched the #BetterMobile campaign. The region is lagging behind not just the rest of the UK but many other countries too. According to their reports just 20% of homes and businesses in Wales benefit from 4G coverage and coverage is well behind countries like Kazakhstan.

The paper has launched a petition calling for the UK, Welsh Governments and regulatory authority to ensure mobile phone coverage in North Wales is equal to the UK average by February 2018.  They are also asking for discounts for local mobile phone customers to reflect the poor signal and mobile phone internet access in the area. The petition already has over a thousand signatures.

Some progress is being made and Vodafone is rolling out 4G to Llandudno, Rhyl and parts of Bangor in a bid to improve mobile coverage in the region. This is welcome news for residents in these towns but as the Daily Post reports reveal there is still a long way to go.