BT & EE Takeover

BT-EE deal gets approval

The BT-EE deal gets approval – 4 ways this could affect you

BT Group’s takeover of the UK’s largest mobile phone operator EE has just been given final clearance by the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA).

As a result of the £12.5 billion takeover, BT will control the UK’s most advanced 4G network and EE’s network of almost 25 million direct customers.

BT owns 9.5 million phone line customers, 7.5 million broadband customers and 1 million TV customers.

What will the BT takeover of EE mean for you?

  1. Bundled services: EE already offers a bundled service to customers and this model is popular in other European countries. It’s likely that BT will offer services that include mobile, broadband, home phone and TV services. BT plans to keep its EE mobile brand.
  2. Cheaper bills: if you are willing to place all your services with BT you could be in for a cheap deal in return.
  3. Freebies: Once the takeover is completed BT might try to offer customers new freebies, similar to the free BT Sport package they currently provide for BT broadband customers.
  4. Less choice to switch: Bundled packages are a good opportunity to save some money but on the other hand if you decide to change provider for one of the services it becomes more difficult when you’re tied in these contracts.
  5. Is it too big? BT has always suffered with the problem that many of its systems don’t appear to talk one another and its relationship which people struggle to separate with Open Reach and its retail arm. If it manages to get things right it could be strong completion for communication businesses everywhere, if it bites of more than it can chew it could play into others hands.

What do I need to do as a BT or EE customer?

Once the takeover is finalised, anyone who is both a BT broadband or TV customer or an EE mobile customer will automatically become a BT customer.

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