The business benefits of leased lines for your telecoms

If you don’t already have a leased line for your business telecoms then now may be the time to consider upgrading your existing system.

What is a leased line?

Sometimes referred to as a private circuit or DIA a leased line is a dedicated telecoms line specifically for your organisation which can be used to build a private network between two or more different locations.

They are popular with businesses with multiple locations and increasingly with organisations with remote or roaming workforces.

The benefits of leased lines


Leased lines can offer a faster broadband than many of the alternative options. All businesses are different but the majority of businesses cite high speed internet connectivity as a priority for their staff. We all use the internet for so many different things and a reliable, high speed connection can improve productivity and will help prevent frustration.

Not only do leased lines offer a high speed network but they also offer consistent speeds. This can be a huge advantage for businesses uploading and downloading large volumes of data.

With a leased line you can choose your bandwidth, this means you can be certain that your business has the speed it needs.


Your leased line is yours and as such offers a secure communications system. It is a private line so you can rest assured that no one else will be eating up your bandwidth and your speeds will remain constant day or night.


Leased lines are consistent and because you can tailor your leased line to meet your organisation’s needs and requirements you will always get the bandwidth you need. If you aren’t sure what bandwidth you need speak to us. We’ll ask all the right questions in order to ascertain what will work for you. Some businesses download large amounts of data, others require a good upload speed, with a leased line a service can be designed to meet your exact requirements. We’ll take in to account any growth or expansion plans before suggesting a tailor-made solution which will offer consistent speeds and reliability.

Leased lines can be a cost-effective option

In the past many businesses have been put off leased lines because of the cost but as technology has progressed the cost has reduced significantly. A leased line might be more expensive than ADSL or FTTC options but the benefits are worth the extra expenditure for most businesses.

If it has been a while since you last considered your business telecoms then now might be the time to review the system you have in place and think about upgrading to a leased line. If you would like to discuss your options then get in touch. One of our team will be happy to talk about your requirements and the options.