Business mobile deals add value to a variety of businesses.

 The benefits given are numerous and can be a lucrative asset to have, particularly in terms of corporate expenditures and workplace productivity. Pescado has over a decade of experience working with a diverse range of valued clients across a variety of industries of all sizes. The available IT technologies and telecommunications skills have allowed digital workplace communications to progressively develop naturally. Consistently designed solutions are adaptable and suited to every respected client.


There is perseverance in how Pescado works with clients where the company strives to understand who you are and what is needed. The support that is provided ensures that everything that needs to be known is clearly transparent and that the services allow you to manage your company the way it should be. The platforms available not only provide customer assistance but also security and centralised device management, to mention a few, for increased productivity and confidence within your business.

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The time taken by Pescado is to understand each problem, provide solutions, and extensively persevere for better outcomes.


Business mobile deals found amongst the different business network providers have built a high level of trust within their relationships with Pescado through these principles over the many years of close collaboration. This provides for a diversely extensive network of partnerships and expertise on which both Pescado and they may proudly rely. The following are the noteworthy and valued collaborations with whom we are partnered:


  • Vodafone – Total Communications Partner
  • EE – Direct Business Partner
  • O2 – Via Plan.com


There will always be a cost-effective solution available that fits your needs. Account management that is additionally offered with your selections guarantees that your customer service is personalised and incredibly supportive. The experienced counsel and objective guidance that Pescado provides, being an independent company, can point you toward choices that are progressively suited to you and your business. The guidance that comes with the services assures that every business process need you require assistance with, from setting up, to connectivity, and comprehensive infrastructure advice is met.


Having Pescado assist you in identifying better services and contracts is preferable to asking business mobile network providers directly. This is due to the major negotiated business mobile deals, but also to the breadth of personalised coverage offered throughout encounters as technology advances. It is wrapped up in a deeper knowledge plus care that offers you as well as your organisation high standards that find great value. Feel free to contact for advice or a transition.


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Dedicated Account Manager

All of our customers have a dedicated account manager, whether you use Pescado to provide one service or many.

Detailed Account Reviews

We have a proven, structured account review process for all our customers, carried out at intervals to suit your business.

Dan Jacques

Pescado Commercial Director

“The team works really hard to make sure you get the very best from your mobile contract. We have provided structured account reviews for over seven years: they are just one of the many initiatives we have put in place to make sure we offer customers the very best service.”

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