Providing you with access to more data about your products and internal systems

The Internet of Things (IoT) broadly means everything that can be connected to the internet. Increasingly it is used to describe an object or device that needs to communicate with another system or machine. IoT enables devices to communicate without the need for human interaction: combining devices together allows the collection of data for analysis or to create an action. In business, this could be anything from a sensor in a piece of equipment to a smartwatch.


Pescado has been providing data connectivity to support IoT and Machine to Machine (M2M) solutions for several years, and can provide SIM cards with various allowances to connect devices. Pescado’s IoT SIMs provide private Access Point Names (APN) with the ability to use fixed IP addressing. This ensures security and privacy are maintained.


Deployment examples:

  • Fridge restocking
  • Inventory tracking
  • Lift sensors
  • Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) for car parks
  • Truck, van and car telemetry systems
  • Smart water meters
  • Commercial security cameras

The solutions Pescado deploys provide you with access to more data about your products and internal systems, making it easier for you to improve processes and make changes for optimal efficiency.

Solution benefits:

  • Monitor real time usage: devices are polled every couple of seconds
  • Set usage thresholds
  • Portal access
  • Bespoke tariffs
  • Monthly billing
  • Transfer to Pescado without the need for new data SIMs

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