Protect against the full spectrum of mobile threats and manage costs anywhere in the world in real-time with Wandera.

Wandera is the global market leader in enterprise mobile security, delivered through its pioneering web gateway. Providing maximum visibility into mobile data, Wandera goes beyond threat detection to prevent attacks and contain data leakage. The solution’s threat intelligence is powered by MI:RAM, a real-time security engine that analyses the industry’s largest mobile dataset to uncover new vulnerabilities and zero-day threats as they emerge.


The visibility you need to protect your devices.

All security strategies start with visibility, it is a critical component in identifying unwanted risk and dealing with threats as they emerge. It should be no different with mobile, which is why Wandera has been built to give you the visibility you need to protect your devices.


Alleviate costs and protect against access to inappropriate content in real-time.

While mobile has transformed the workplace for the better, it has also created new and difficult challenges for IT leaders. Wanderra offers a solution that enables productive mobile working, while alleviating concerns around growing costs, access to inappropriate content and shadow IT.

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Reduce your risks and defend against threats

Prevent the attack

With access to the network itself, threats like phishing attempts and malware can be intercepted before they even reach the target.

Detect the threat

Using real-time behavioural analysis, even undiscovered, zero day threats can be identified on infected devices.

Contain the damage

Once a device is compromised, stop attackers from exerting remote control and block the data from exfiltration.

Detect Vulnerabilities

Discover risky configurations in each device, such as an outdated OS or evidence of a jailbreak.

Uncover Data leaks

Real-time scans help you find leaky sites and apps, blocking potential data breaches at the source.

Employee misuse

Monitor and enforce policies that prevent Shadow IT, block access to risky content and stop rogue file sharing.

Manage rising costs and enforce acceptable usage

Analyse usage

Get detailed usage reports on work devices and corporate data, encompassing both roaming and Wi-Fi.

Control consumption

Use flexible filtering, capping and compression features to keep data usage manageably small.

Eliminate Overages

Prevent unexpected charges at the end of your billing cycle by implementing sensible policies.

Ensure compliance

Enforce your corporate usage policies, filtering content deemed inappropriate for work.

Segment personal use

Work devices are regularly used for personal use. Wandera helps you define and understand the split.

Limit your liability

Avoid HR or legal implications arising from employee activity on business assigned devices.

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