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Why use Pescado?

We manage tens of thousands of connections across all the main UK networks, you are guaranteed the best deal on the best network for your business.


We have the strongest relationships with all business mobile network providers, and it’s these key partnerships which give us the flexibility to offer such a wide range of business mobile phone packages.


Our extensive product knowledge puts us in a strong position to give you impartial, expert advice on which business mobile phone solutions work best for your organisation, based on your wants and needs.


Pescado have also developed a structured account review process for all customers. Although mobile network billing is online and available, Pescado’s formal account reviews allow your management teams to quickly see what their business mobile users are doing at any stage.


You may think that working with Pescado rather than going direct to the network will mean you pay more for your connections, Pescado manage over 42,000 mobile connections we have fantastic agreements with the networks ensuring we will always give you the best commercial and technical solution for your business.


Just as importantly we will give you choice, not just in terms of great advice on tariffs that will suit your business and usage profile but vitally in terms of network. Connecting users on EE, O2 & Vodafone ensures we can recommend the right solution based on your business needs and your users locations, we can even split your users across networks for voice and data or coverage requirements.


Equally Pescado are a very agile business, the lack of layers of management and bureaucracy ensure we are very quick to respond to our customers’ needs. We pride ourselves on delivering a friendly, informative service by getting to know you and your business. Pescado have our own support teams backed up by the huge support engines at the networks.


Having a dedicated Account Manager and named Support staff, who take ownership of the service levels we deliver ensures that you are able to get on with running your business.


Just as importantly a good broker will give you choice, not just in terms of great advice on tariffs that will suit your business and usage profile but vitally in terms of network. Why be forced down one route because that is the only thing in the network’s portfolio? What happens when the CEO cannot get coverage at home on your chosen network and the Chairman wants a bespoke package on yet another network. Notwithstanding the time savings, choice is vital and nine times out of ten it will be at far better value than that offered by the network direct.


The perception that a broker, as an addition to the buying chain adds cost is just that, a perception. The truth is quite different. Not only can a good broker use their buying power to negotiate keen deals they are not encumbered with running giant service and sales departments with all the associated costs. They are not paying for huge marketing budgets or working to a profit target set by city expectations to prop up their share price.


Always high on the requirement list is Service levels. Again this is about choice. The choice between being a very small fish in the networks huge ocean. Being reliant on a service from a faceless call centre with an ever-changing roster of Account Managers, Support teams and time spent in call queues hoping to get a simple answer to a straightforward question. Or you could choose to deal with an organisation who are personal, who know you and your business, who really care and are also backed up by a huge support engine at the networks they represent given the thousands of connections they manage. Having a dedicated Account Manager, named Support staff, clear and observed service levels that suit you as a customer are vital enabling you to get on with running your business. From the MD down the size and scale of a Broker, even the large ones, mean you as a customer matter and everyone in the organisation will care.

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What makes us different?

Technology support with a human touch

Dedicated Account Manager

All of our customers have a dedicated account manager. This will always be the case whether you use Pescado for one service or for six

Detailed Account Reviews

Structured account review process for all customers at intervals to suit your business.

Dan Jacques

Commercial Director

“The team work really hard to make sure you get the very best from your mobile contract. We have provided structured account reviews for over 6 years, they are just one of the many service initiatives we have put in place to make sure we offer customers the very best service.”/h4>

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