Does My Business Need A Wireless Network?

Benefits of Computer Networking For Businesses:

High quality networking allows the connection of every computer in the office, or as many as you like, as well as printers and other devices. A great network provides advantages for businesses of all sizes, including:

• Remote access
• Central file storage
• Centralised applications
• Shared resources
• Permissions and control for increased security
• Collaboration tools

So why does my business need a wireless network rather than a wired network?

Historically businesses have favoured wired network connections because of the perception of increased security, speed and reliability but times have moved on and a business wireless network connection could significantly boost your employee’s productivity.

Benefits Of A Wireless Network For Your Business

When you are working hard to make your business a success you are constantly trying to deliver the best service to your customers or clients, while developing innovative solutions to be one step ahead of the competition. This means that every minute matters. Down time and any barriers to your employees delivering their utmost can lead to a decrease in productivity.

A wireless business network will mean increased efficiency for your staff, greater productivity and therefore the potential for increased profits.

A wireless network will provide:

• A greater ability for information sharing between staff
• Easier access to documents, emails and other resources
• The ability for the workforce to roam and still access the business tools they need
• Increased mobility for your workforce while they benefit from easier collaboration while on the go and subsequently work more effectively with their colleagues
• When staff roam they won’t lose connection

It is not just your workforce who benefit from a wireless network connection. It will also create a better experience for your customers, clients or business partners.

Improve Customer Service With Wireless Business Networks

A wireless network means greater responsiveness. Any employee can access the required information while roaming throughout the office, which makes their responses to client queries faster. This will significantly improve your customer service in a world where fast answers means everything.

A wireless network can also speed up all your internal process by providing easier access to all necessary documents and files.

You can even provide secure guest access to your wireless network for customers or business partners, while keeping complete control.

Cost Effective & Highly Flexible

One of the major benefits of a wireless business network is the flexibility to grow your network while remaining cost effective for your business. It is easy to add new users quickly with a wireless network and your network can grow with your company, so you only pay for what you need.

Adding new users to your wireless network is so convenient and it could actually make your office a safer place. Businesses can become messy and a safety hazard if you have lots of cables trailing around, so choosing a wireless network, as opposed to wired, could mean a safer, more aesthetically pleasing office.

Every modern laptop, tablet and Smartphone has wireless capability and it is easy to add to any desktop computer as well. The result is that your staff can carry out their duties more flexibly on multiple devices in various locations with a wireless network.

A wireless network is highly flexible and can be used as an alternative to a wired network or to compliment it. You may choose to have a wireless network for guests, tablet and mobile devices while also retaining a wired network for high reliability.

Wireless Business Networks With Pescado

The set up for a wireless network is quite straightforward and with network planning help from the IT experts at Pescado we can have your wireless network up in no time.

We are well known in the industry for our ability to provide a seamless and smooth transition. We understand the cost of downtime for a business and the impact it can have on your profits but we can happily report that we have carried out network installation procedures with zero downtime for our clients.

Drawbacks and Solutions

Some business owners believe that if they opt for a wireless network, rather than wired, it will be less reliable, slower and less secure. Technology in the world of IT is forever changing and advancing. There have been vast improvements in the area of wireless networks for businesses and the advantages of utilising this technology could be a big step forward for your company.

Pescado are highly experienced in business IT solutions, including in-depth IT security and providing a fast effective connection. We can establish the ideal system for your business while ensuring it delivers the best results possible and remains secure.

If you were asking yourself why does my business need a wireless network, you should now have a clearer understanding of all the potential benefits to help your company take its productivity and customer service to the next step.

Tailored Solutions

Every company is different and Pescado offers tailored solutions and comprehensive network planning, installation and management dependant on your business’ goals and needs. If you would like to find out more about wireless networks for businesses and discover a solution that is right for you then contact our knowledgeable staff for honest, jargon free advice on 033 000 22 000.