Save money on business mobile phones

Can we save your business money? We’re confident we can

Do you have any idea how much your business spends on calls to company mobiles? If you don’t you’re not alone. Most people pick up the phone to call a colleague who is out of the office and don’t give the call charges a second thought.  Over time the costs can quickly add up.

Here’s an example of how the figures stack up:

  • charges to mobiles vary but your fixed line carrier is probably charging you between 6p per minute and  12p per minute for calls to mobiles
  • the average UK office calls one of its company phones for around 75 minutes a month
  • at an average 9p per minute that’s £6.75 a month per extension
  • say you had 6 extensions …. £40.50 a month or £500 a year

With Ola, Pescado’s hosted telephony system, these costs could be a thing of the past. All calls to company mobiles from your internal office phone system will be free as will calls from company mobiles to the office and from company mobile to company mobile.

We are confident we can save your business money on calls. We’ve already saved lots of our client’s money on their company phone bills, join them and you and your staff can make as many calls as you like to company mobiles without incurring any call charges.

For more information please give a member of our friendly team a call on 033 000 22 000 or speak to your account manager.