Hayes and Finch

Founded in 1882, Hayes and Finch are one of the world’s finest manufacturers and suppliers of church supplies and candles.


For 100 years, Hayes and Finch supplied their quality beeswax candles directly to every church in the UK and Ireland. In the early 1960s, they began providing other items including pews, silverware and clerical garments. For the last 30 years, the firm has also supplied component parts to other candle manufacturers.

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Pescado contacted Hayes and Finch ten years ago to discuss their business mobile phone requirements. They had been with their current supplier for a number of years and took us up on our offer to improve their service and cost control. Hayes and Finch has been a client ever since.

The Challenge


The Hayes and Finch team relies on mobile phones to stay connected between departments, including field-based sales staff and factory-based production staff.


Over the years, their business mobiles had become indispensable, and the introduction of email access on smartphones, transformed the way the business used mobiles once again, creating an even greater reliance. Hayes and Finch required a reliable, cost-effective and scalable business mobile solution.


Due to the global scale of the business, Hayes and Finch needed to operate their IT and telecoms effectively 24/7. The previous telephony solution involved multiple suppliers issuing separate invoices each month with a range of manual payment methods, with the added hassle of trying to understand each element.


The challenge for Pescado was to simplify the burden of IT, telecoms and mobiles for Hayes and Finch, making it easier to manage and administrate. Reliable connectivity across the entire infrastructure was a must to support everyday operations.




The Solution


Over our ten year working relationship, Pescado’s services have evolved to accommodate new requirements and technologies and provide the best available solution for Hayes and Finch. Initially, Pescado implemented a company mobile phone solution, so that each employee and department could stay in touch wherever they were.


We then deployed a Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) landline phone solution for Hayes and Finch, which removed the requirement for traditional business landlines. This helped reduce the number of suppliers and cost. With internet speeds faster than ever, VoIP provides calls of excellent clarity and quality, no matter where they’re made or received.


Hayes and Finch now also receive IT support services from the Pescado team, keeping all their IT systems running smoothly, 24/7. We provide expert support and guidance, system updates, backups, effective security systems and processes to empower and protect the business.

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