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Technology changes at a rapid pace. In fact it changes so quickly that since you last checked, the business broadband and connectivity options available to you have probably changed. A whole new world of choice could be available to you when it comes to business broadband. This gives you the perfect opportunity to look with fresh eyes at technological systems that you haven’t previously had access to.


We keep abreast of all the latest developments. Our experienced consultants can help to guide you through the options and tell you about innovations that could bring competitive advantage and efficiency gains to your business. We’ve got the technical knowledge and expertise to advise on the best solutions for your unique business needs – but we’re also straight-talking and good at making business sense of technical details , so you won’t feel out of your depth if you’re not a specialist.


Whichever business broadband service you opt for, you can rest assured that Pescado only uses tier one carriers. This means the service you receive will be of the highest quality, because our providers own their own infrastructure, minimising potential disruption to your network and delivering great quality connections.


We understand that being offline for any amount of time can damage your business. That’s why Pescado is dedicated to highly responsive, professional, efficient service to help you change your office broadband system.


Looking for a company that specialises in business telecoms in Manchester? Look no further than Pescado. We’ll help you to select the telecoms and IT solutions your business needs to thrive and succeed.

Helping you understand more

FAQ: Here are some of the questions most frequently asked by our customers.

Can I use my existing firewall?

Yes. Any firewall can be installed behind the router (CPE) to protect your network from security breaches. We will work with you to make sure your current firewall is robust and a good fit for your requirements.


Can a leased line service save me money?

A leased line service can provide considerable savings from improvements in performance, reliability and uptime. A leased line allows you to take advantage of more online and cloud-based services like VoIP and video conferencing. You will also benefit from always having access to 100% of your line capacity.


Bespoke solutions

Talk to our team about your current needs and your goals for the future. We’ll recommend a business internet solution that is future-proofed to work with you as your business grows. We can offer business grade ADSL connections, FTTC business fibre broadband, EFM network services, business line rental and WAN network services.

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    Managed connectivity solutions

    Our range of connectivity and data solutions includes:




    Our mission is to make high-speed connections affordable and accessible.


    Business grade broadband


    We supply a wide range of business broadband options best suited to your business needs.

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