Which broadband product is right for you?

Office connectivity means your business broadband or business internet solution. When it comes to the quality of your connection we’re sorry to say it really can be a postcode lottery. Not all BT exchanges have the same technology: if you are considering broadband connection options for your business, the first thing you should check is what is available for your location. We can help you with this.


Broadband connections come in two variants: ADSL and FTTC



ADSL is the most widely available type of broadband. Using a standard telephone (PSTN) line, the service runs over a copper connection. The latest ADSL technology is capable of speeds of up to 24Mbps download and 1.4Mbps upload. There is also the option to bond (link) lines together to give faster speeds. However, ADSL is a ‘best efforts’ service and connection speeds can vary at peak times.

  • Best for – small office, home office. One or two internet-based phones.
  • Not suitable for – medium sized business, multi user VoIP and PC systems.

FTTC – Fibre To The Cabinet
FTTC Broadband is faster and more reliable than ADSL. Available now in around 90% of the UK, it’s delivered over fibre optic cables between BT’s exchange and the green telephone street cabinets, then connected over a standard (PSTN) telephone line to your premises. Pescado will always supply the maximum speed available at your location.

  • Best for – small office, home office. Up to ten internet-based phones if the connection is also used for data.
  • Not suitable for – medium sized business, VoIP and PC systems for more than ten users.

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