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As technology evolves, fast and reliable connectivity for your business is a must. You need a solution that will grow with your business and keep pace with customer demand. Pescado works with all the major providers to make sure you get the best connection available at your location at the right price.


Ethernet over Fibre To The Cabinet (EoFTTC)


EoFTTC is a dedicated connection, providing superfast connectivity with a guaranteed fix SLA. It has the quickest installation time of all Ethernet internet connections, with typical lead times of between 15 and 30 days. It also offers a more cost-effective solution than a leased line.

The downside to an EoFTTC connection is that the connection speeds you install are the best you are ever going to get: unlike a leased line, the connection cannot be upgraded.

  • Fast deployment: Typically within 2 weeks
  • Symmetrical uncontended bandwidth: Speeds up to 20Mbps
  • Burstable: Up to 80Mbps downstream

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Leased line


All businesses are different but the majority of businesses cite high speed internet connectivity as a priority for their staff. Leased lines offer a high speed network and consistent speeds. If you aren’t sure what bandwidth you need, speak to us. We’ll ask all the right questions about your business usage, in order to recommend confidently what will work for you.


Some businesses download large amounts of data, others require a good upload speed. With a leased line, the service can be designed to meet your exact requirements. We’ll take in to account any growth or expansion plans before suggesting a tailor-made solution which will offer consistent speeds and reliability.


In the past, many businesses have been put off leased lines because of the cost, but as technology has progressed, the cost has reduced significantly. A leased line is more expensive than ADSL or FTTC options, but the benefits are worth the extra expenditure for many businesses.

  • Scalable speeds 10Mbps to 10Gbps: scale up or down as your business needs change.
  • Uncontended bandwidth: 1:1 contention ratio.
  • Bandwidth can be segregated for different purposes: Allowing for the separation of your voice and data traffic.



WAN (Wide Area Network) links enable you to segregate your business’s bandwidth, creating separate channels for your phone calls and data. It’s a great option if you have multiple sites, as the connection will be much stronger and more reliable. This ensures quality of service and means you only have one network to take care of and one provider to deal with, which is convenient and time-efficient.


A WAN network is a sophisticated solution which will guarantee the best possible level of internet connectivity for large organisations and businesses with multiple locations. It offers a fast and secure private network just for your business, as your private network is linked directly to a data centre. It’s ideal for multi-site businesses that need to share data privately in a secure and protected environment.




A Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a virtual WAN overlay that allows businesses to deploy hybrid or all-broadband WANs. By using multiple types of connectivity, a business can remove dependence on dedicated and private connections.


Key benefits of this solution are:

  • Cost reduction
  • Increased performance
  • Fast provisioning and reduced complexity

By using broadband connectivity, businesses can significantly reduce the installation and monthly costs associated with their WAN solution. Typically, a 50Mb Ethernet service can cost £300-£600 a month per site: using multiple FTTC connections, a business could reduce site costs by 50-80%.


As adoption of cloud based applications and services (Office 365, Hosted Telephony, Hosted Disaster Recovery) continues to grow , businesses are seeing the limitations of traditional Multi Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) data transmission and its inflexibility. The requirement for a more agile solution are driving the move towards SD-WAN.


SD-WAN solutions ensure high availability, minimum downtime and remove the requirement to rely on a single supplier. The solution also allows for measures of key performance drivers like jitter, latency and packet loss, so the solution can make per second decisions on traffic routing to ensure the highest performance for applications at all times.


The management and provisioning of an SD-WAN solution is where it has a key advantage over traditional MPLS networks. MPLS is an expensive and complex solution to implement and maintain. In contrast, broadband internet links are quick and cheap to implement and the plug and play concept of SD-WAN hardware means this is a compelling option for businesses with multiple sites. The solutions also provide a detailed but simple user interface for real time performance statistics.

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