Business telecoms customer service

Customer service – why we’re leading the way

The telecoms industry has never had the best reputation for customer service. At Pescado we are working to change that. We don’t believe in drawing customers in with deals and then forgetting about them. Instead we see it as the start of a partnership in which we are here to support and help.

How do we ensure high levels of customer service?

We know that for our business clients an uninterrupted service is their gold standard and we strive to deliver that. Most of the time we succeed but we know that very occasionally there can be glitches and technical problems. With some telecommunications businesses if feels like they don’t want to know when something goes wrong. At Pescado we always want to be the first to know.

We won’t leave you on hold, you won’t be talking to someone on the other side of the world, we won’t route your call round the office leaving you stressed and frustrated. If you have a problem we want to hear about it. The sooner we know the sooner we can solve it and we love to solve problems.

We understand that a company isn’t always defined by getting it right but by what they do when things go wrong. With this in mind we have created Service Level Agreements and invested heavily in a bespoke system to manage helpdesk enquiries.

When a customer calls us their request is dealt with immediately and if further investigation or action is needed the customer receives an emailed ticket with the case number for reference. Our teams then race against the clock to resolve the issue within an agreed timescale.

We don’t just talk about our Service Level Agreement we measure ourselves against them, and are proud to be able to say that last month 99.4% of IT tickets and 96.6% of customer support tickets were resolved within Service Level Agreements. A result we are proud of but still striving to improve upon.

With Service Level Agreements in place and a great account management and customer support function to deliver them we are working hard to set new standards in the business telecommunications sector. There are no real benchmarks on service level agreements in the business telecoms industry so we are setting the pace by publishing our own SLAs and continuously measuring ourselves against them.