cyber attacks on businesses

Cyber attacks on businesses are going unreported

We all know that cyber security is a serious concern for modern businesses. High profile security breaches in recent months have included Talk Talk and HSBC to name but two. The damage to brands like this when data security is breached or services are disrupted due to cyber attacks can be immeasurable.

With this in mind it seems strange that the results of a recent survey carried out by the Institute of Directors in collaboration with Barclays demonstrate that businesses simply aren’t taking cyber security seriously enough.

The extent of cyber attacks on businesses

According to the survey just 28% of cyber attacks are being reported to the police. It seems strange that businesses aren’t being more proactive. Most business owners wouldn’t hesitate to involve the police if they experienced a physical break-in, someone accessing their networks and stealing sensitive data is also a serious criminal act should be treated in the same way.

Seven in ten of the businesses surveyed had received fake invoices by email highlighting the prevalence of this type of basic digital crime. The threat is growing all the time and will continue to present significant challenges to businesses with cyber criminals developing more sophisticated skills and attacks taking place more frequently. At the same time consumers are becoming more aware and less forgiving!

At Pescado our advice would be to act now to improve your IT security, everyone hopes it won’t happen to them but being prepared is key. Many businesses only take action after a security breach or make security a priority after a breach.

We can help by looking at your systems and identifying any potential weaknesses.We will put practical IT security solutions in place such as spam filters to prevent those nuisance emails from landing in your inbox, and firewall solutions to protect your networks and critical data from any web security attacks.

If you need help with your IT security get in touch, don’t be one of the thousands of businesses that are unprepared.