Cyber Security – 2019 Resolutions

The rise in security attacks is alarming, without a reliable plan in place, you could be opening your business up to a series of breaches that could be detrimental to your finances and your reputation.

Follow our 10 effective resolutions to make 2019 the year you and your business becomes Cyber Security aware.

  1. Make hard-to-crack passwords

Make passwords a long phrase.  The extra length makes it much more difficult to crack, while the phrase will keep it memorable.

  1. Update

Always keep everything up to date to ensure the latest security.  Check for OS, web browser and antivirus updates each week.

  1. Be cautious about public Wi-Fi

While not connecting to public Wi-Fi in the first place is your safest option, if you do, make sure not to type out any personal information.

  1. Use 2FA whenever possible

Two Factor Authentication adds another layer of security to logins, keeping criminals from accessing them with just the username and password.

  1. Use Antivirus Software

Antivirus software is always a sure-fire way to keep yourself safer.

  1. Stay Private

The more a hacker knows about you the easier it is for them to get into your account.  Keep social media accounts private and only accept people you know.

  1. Educate

While you may take extra precautions on the internet, other in your home/office may not.  They could give a hacker access to the entire network, which includes everyone else using it.

  1. Only purchase from reputable sites

If you’ve never heard of a website it’s best not to buy from it, but if you do, ensure that it uses a secure payment system.  Interact only with reputable/secure (Https) websites.

  1. Click Cautiously

A simple click is all it takes for a hacker to take over your computer.  Watch out for phishing email or malicious pop-ups.  Be mindful of online downloads, don’t install unnecessary applications or apps.

  1. Mobile Phones aren’t immune

Mobile phones are just as hackable as a computer.  Make sure your device, as well as apps, are up-to-date.

If you would like to learn more about Cyber Security and how to protect your business contact the Pescado team today on 033 000 22 000