Effectively managing business devices

Solely using desktop computers to run your business is a thing of the past, with companies throughout the globe now running their business across multiple devices. From laptops to tablets and of course mobile phones, it is not only the device that businesses should take into account but also the operating system on which they run.

For a company of any size the task of effectively managing all business devices can be both time consuming and demanding, and this is one of the most significant pain points that many of our clients have previously faced. So how can your business effectively manage your company mobiles, tablets and laptops?

Mobile device management

Effective mobile device management allows business owners and managers to provide company laptops, mobiles, or tablets, safe in the knowledge that company information is protected whilst allowing employees to carry out their work efficiently. Pescado have been providing this service to businesses for many years, which has seen us:

  • Remotely wipe sensitive data from devices that have been lost or stolen
  • Carry out data backups
  • Restricting access to inappropriate sites
  • Setting call limits
  • And much more

It is our company ethos to continually improve upon our services to make them the ideal solution for every business that we work with. Our Mobile Device Management service has helped countless businesses throughout the years, and now we want to take it to the next level. To ensure that our service offers the flexibility and scalability necessary for our customers we are pleased to announce the launch of MaaS360 to our mobile device management service.

What is MaaS360?

Developed by IBM, MaaS360 provides a comprehensive platform for which businesses are able to manage devices effectively and across all operating systems. Businesses are able to quickly set-up and enrol devices onto the system securely, distribute policies across devices as well as configure the settings of each device so that they reflect company policy.

In terms of security, MaaS360 system allows businesses to ensure compliance and security across devices using numerous methods including: passcode policies, encryption, locate, lock and wipe lost or stolen devices remotely, to name just a few, as well as the ability to share documents across devices.

MaaS360, helping meet your global data protection requirements (GDPR)

MaaS360 checks the box for major GDPR requirements related to endpoint and mobile, making it the optimal unified endpoint management (UEM) tool to help your business prepare for compliance.

MaaS360 has the following capabilities and features:

  • Container for locally storing information that limits personal data scope to as-needed data
  • Management across mobile devices and laptops with UEM
  • Comprehensive encryption of data at rest and in motion
  • Ability to remove personal data on request
  • User consent prompted via acceptance of service agreements and end-user licence agreements

The benefits of MaaS360 are endless and provide wider management capabilities that will significantly benefit the businesses we work with; particularly in ensuring their devices allow them to remain efficient whilst securing their business data and documents.

Contact our team today to discuss your business’ mobile device management requirements.