Email Security

Email security is your company’s biggest vulnerability

With 91% of successful attacks beginning with a phishing email and losses from targeted CEO fraud attacks growing over 300% year on year, you really need a robust email security solution protecting your business.

In the vast majority of cases, the activation of digital attacks is completely accidental and simply caused by someone opening the wrong email.  An email that wouldn’t have landed in their inbox with the right security system.

How can you improve email security?

Introducing our cloud-based email security service.  No hardware, no software, no maintenance, no hassle, just protection from the leading reputation-based email filtering service.

  • Stops all known viruses
  • Captures over 99.99% of spam with zero false positives
  • Provides phishing protection against emails with malicious web links
  • Includes URL scanning to identify threats
  • CEO fraud and ransomware protection

The service works by looking at:

  • Threat Intelligence – analysts mine the entire DNS system for indicators of cyber-criminal behaviour.
  • Reputation-Based Algorithms – industry-leading algorithms can identify whether an email is coming from a genuine email server or is just internet ‘noise’. If the email is still recognized as spam, the customer doesn’t need to see it, so the connection is dropped.
  • Anti-Virus Protocols – Each email is scanned by five separate anti-virus engines. Three of these are signature-based, while the other two are behavioural-based engines to ensure the system captures new viruses and malware.
  • Content Assessment – Every email is put through a range of filters to examine different aspects of its content. This includes assessing embedded URLs for, malicious links and investigating header and body content for ‘spammer’ indicators.
  • User Specifications – You also have a number of options when it comes to what is presented in your inbox. Through the web interface you can block macros, zip files, executable files, as well as other options and implement white and black lists.
  • Encryption Options – With our advice you can choose the type of encryption that suits your business.

Get in touch today and we can discuss the right options for your business.