Business Mobile Phones Packages

Essential Features For Business Mobile Phones

If you are looking to review, change or arrange your first business mobile phones contract for your company, it is a very good idea to study the essential features for business mobile phones.

Smartphones now have such great functionality that business owners may feel they don’t need specific ‘business mobiles’ with different features for their employees. Many believe that the same value can be obtained from any mobile without taking out business mobile contracts.

However, this is a mistake and could lead to wasted money on mobiles that don’t serve your purpose as well as true business mobile phones would.

It is very important when researching business mobile phone contracts to consider your company goals. What do you hope to achieve with your business mobiles?  The answer will probably be something similar to increased productivity and collaboration between workers, so that they can better perform their duties and deliver great service.

To ensure increased productivity for your staff rather than wasted time, you need to carefully consider the special features available on your mobiles. Essential features for business mobile phones should prioritise remote working and productivity not entertainment functionality.

We would advise that your 3 main objectives should be:

  • Boost productivity
  • Aid collaboration
  • Keep costs down

Number 3 is just as important to running an efficient business as the other goals and business owners often mistakenly believe that business mobile contracts will be expensive. By choosing professional telecoms providers you can get a great deal on your contract and save money.

So now that you know you need special functionality on business mobiles how do you know what are the essential features for business mobile phones are?

Remember that the best features for business mobile phones and business landline phones can vary but should sync up to create a feature rich, efficient business phone system. If you are looking for the best features for office phone systems head to our FAQ guide here, otherwise keep reading for best features for business mobiles.

Essential features for business mobiles

Landline to mobile forwarding & mobile to landline forwarding: This is a great one if you have a remote work force so clients and business partners can be seamlessly transferred to staff on the go or from staff on the go back to staff in the office.

Mobile conference calling: Enabling your remote workers to easily set up or join conference calls wherever they are will help them manage their work better.

Automated attendant: You needto ensure an appropriate response so clients feels their call will be returned and handled even if you are busy when they are transferred to your business mobile.

Free voicemail: This is a great one if you get lots of messages and missed calls due to busy schedules.

Handling inbound calls during leisure time: you want to empower your workforce to work and deliver great results remotely but you need to reward employees and acknowledge that they deserve time off. It is a good idea to consider what functionality you would like for handling inbound calls during leisure time. Do the calls have a specified message or forward to another mobile or landline?

Hardware: If your staff travel a lot choosing robust phones will ensure less breakages, repairs and wasted time.

Long battery life: This is a great feature for any business mobile. Consider how fast smartphones can run down and what a problem this can be in long meetings and for sudden overnight business trips.

Qwerty keyboards: We think this is a marvellous feature you should seriously consider as an essential feature for business mobile phones. Everyone has gone pure touchscreen thanks to the trends in smartphones for personal use, however touchscreen is not an advantage for typing clear, longer, well written business emails. Qwerty keywords on business mobiles make it easier to avoid typos and help you write professional emails on mobile faster.

Push e-mail notifications to your handset: Don’t make staff have to constantly check their emails to see if they have received a message just make sure you have push notifications for emails.

Remote data wiping: This is probably by far our favourite essential feature for business mobile phones. If you have sensitive in house or client data on your device you want to be able to remotely wipe it in the event that the mobile is lost or stolen.

Synchronised calendars: This is great for syncing your work and home calendars and to aid collaboration with colleagues by syncing multiple people’s calendars to your business mobiles.

News and data updates: A great one for workers receiving the latest industry news as push notifications. If you work in finance or are a journalist this can be a great way to stay in the know on the go.

Best contracts for your needs: You need to have your business mobile phones contracts designed to suit the behaviour of your staff. Consider if they will be making many local, national, long distance, overseas calls and mobile conference calls to get the best deals. You should also consider your priorities to choose the most essential features. Is unlimited data transferring the most important feature for your workers or is it internet access for text messaging. Remember it is not a one size fits all scenario.

Scalability and flexibility: One of the other most important essential features for your business mobile contracts is the ability to grow with your company. You want to be able to easily add additional features and adjust your contract to match your changing requirements. Getting locked into a rigid contract is a bad idea. Choose telecoms providers who like working with tailored, flexible packages.

Choosing a leading independent telecoms provider like Pescado means working a highly experienced, innovative business with links to all the major network providers. This enables us to get you the best prices for your business mobiles contracts and tailor features to your staff’s individual needs as well as the needs of your business as a whole.

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