Having the right connectivity is key to business success. Obvious, right?

Well what would happen if your connection was lost? What would you do if you had a security breach? What kind of support would you get from your provider?

Pescado has answers to all these questions and more. Like what does secure business broadband look like and what is EoFTTC, SD-WAN and MPLS? In fact, we’ve produced a Business Connectivity Guide you can download here.

We all know that business is done digitally and if your people are struggling to communicate – with each other or your customers – then it’s likely to be down to your connectivity.

If you have cloud-based applications, VOIP or just heavy file upload needs then understanding those needs is where Pescado steps in and adds value.

We’ll assess your current infrastructure, as well as all the available business connectivity solutions, and make best practice recommendations – from providers to systems and integrations.

Pescado will guide you through the options and contextualise the innovations that could bring you competitive advantage or business efficiencies.

We only use Tier One carriers and we’ve got the technical knowledge and expertise to advise on the connectivity solution that’s right for your unique business requirements. We’re also straight-talking and good at making sense of the tech, even if digital isn’t your first language.

You can start a conversation now on 033 000 22 021 to arrange a consultation with one of our connectivity solution specialists.