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How does a hosted telephony system work?

Hosted telephony systems are being used by more and more by UK businesses, predominantly due to the cost savings it can bring. This type of system is also commonly referred to as a VoIP telephone system (voice over internet protocol); essentially the system allows you to make phone calls using your internet connection.

A VoIP system translates sound signals from the caller into digital signals that are sent through an Ethernet cable to a VoIP server and subsequently connecting through the internet. This means that a traditional telephone landline is no longer necessary for a business.

Hosted telephony system

The misconceptions of hosted telephony systems?

Here at Pescado we often find that prior to installing their hosted telephony system our customers are often wary of using this technology due to past experiences. Whilst it is true that many years ago VoIP systems missed the mark on call quality in comparison to landline connections; for businesses that rely on their phone lines to carry out their work (e.g. outsourcing companies, call centres etc.), low-quality calls could cause enormous issues. However, the internet has progressed immensely in recent years.  It can be argued that hosted telephony can now offer a great deal more in terms of quality than even a landline can; although it must be noted that poor internet connections will ultimately mean poor quality voice calls so a good internet connection really is a prerequisite.

There are many benefits to businesses of using a hosted telephony system, including:

Cost – The cost of making calls using a hosted system are, more often than not, significantly cheaper than traditional phone lines, freeing up cash flow within a business that can be invested in other areas.

Flexibility – With landline telephone systems, if someone is not in the office to pick up a call then that’s that. However, VoIP systems can essentially be used anywhere with an internet connection. For example, should your business have a number of home-based workers, a VoIP system means that they can receive calls under the same system as those working in an office.

There are many more benefits to using a VoIP system, visit our hosted telephony page to find out how our systems would benefit your business.