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How can cloud technology support mental health: Introducing Nvoice for Microsoft Teams

The Coronavirus pandemic has had an enormous impact on our daily lives. Not only has it seen millions of people transition to remote working through cloud technology, merging our personal and professional lives into the same space for a prolonged period of time, it has also affected our physical and mental health to varying degrees.

For some people, the removal of boundaries between work and home life has caused added stress or anxiety; for others, it has been a welcome change. Whichever way you look at it, the rise of remote working during the pandemic has been different for each individual. Whether it is a positive or negative experience can depend on a number of social and economic factors including industry, wage and living situation, as well as the type of technology people have access to in order to do their work.

The impact of these factors on mental health has created a concerning environment for organisations to navigate. In response, organisations have begun to shift their focus to the wellbeing of their staff. By re-thinking the way that teams communicate internally and externally, and by making smart changes that are adaptable in the current climate, organisations can shape a culture that places the mental health and wellbeing of staff at the heart of their processes.

More and more organisations are turning to innovative Cloud technology to make this happen.


How is Cloud technology supporting staff wellbeing?


Cloud technology is positively influencing all aspects of remote working, including the mental health of staff, more than ever before. At a time when the pandemic has removed or limited physical office spaces, cloud technology has provided an effective and efficient means to work remotely and collaboratively. In a landscape where remote working has removed the social aspect of the office, powerful software like Microsoft Teams has given it back again, from the safety of our homes.

Microsoft Teams has swiftly become a reliable hub for organisations globally, in its ability to encourage teamwork and quick communication alongside quality user-experience. However, there are notable ways it could support our organisations and their teams even better and, by extension, the mental health and wellbeing of our staff too.


Add more value to Microsoft Teams with Pescado.


One of the main identified limitations of Microsoft Teams is its lack of integrated telephony. Although the software offers call functionality within the Microsoft Phone system, telephony is not at the core of the software. This is a huge disadvantage for organisations that require high-functioning call features that are quickly accessible. That’s why Pescado, experts in Cloud telephony, can provide organisations with a solution to this that works alongside Microsoft Teams.

With Nvoice for Microsoft Teams, employees can benefit from a whole host of intelligent telephony features, accessible from any location and any device through one unified communications system. Nvoice brings a high-quality user experience into the familiar environment of Microsoft Teams, giving all staff access to a true enterprise voice solution which drives forward communication and collaboration between teams, at all times. This allows managers, team leaders and organisations as a whole to check in on staff, openly discuss how they are doing, and continually ensure those crucial lines of communication are always in place. Nvoice integrates all of this into Microsoft Teams, enhancing its value in our daily working lives.


Nvoice for Microsoft Teams:


  • Operates on a subscription-based service, just like Office 365.
  • Is accessible via mobile or PC, meaning no need for any old desk phones.
  • Offers a solution that is more cost-efficient, as you only pay for what you need.
  • Gives your organisation peace of mind. If you experience any issues with Microsoft Phone System or Microsoft Teams, you can simply failover to the powerful cloud telephone system, Pescado Ola Nhanced, powered by NFON.


Nvoice for Microsoft Teams is a simple and effective software that makes that extra difference to support the wellbeing of organisations and their teams during this climate.


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