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How do I set up multiple phone lines?

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to streamline all of your telecom solutions into one place? As your business grows, it’s likely that you’ll outgrow your current telephone systems.

Trying to handle multiple calls at once can interfere with your overall customer sales experience and cause stress amongst your employees. This article will help you to understand how to set up multiple phone lines so that your business can take more calls, earn more revenue and handle more customers simultaneously. Pescado has a proven track record when it comes to helping companies enhance productivity and integrate business communications, so read how we can advise and help you along the way.


What is a Multi-Line Phone System? 

Instead of placing your clients in a virtual queue on the phone or sending them straight to voicemail, a multi-line phone system allows you to handle several calls simultaneously. Not only does this mean you can take more client calls at once, but it also means you can do more with your multi-line phone system. You can place calls on hold, redirect to internal or external phone numbers, send to voicemail, and return to the line in one simple press of a button. 


Setting Up Your Multi-Line Telephone System

There are two main ways in which your business can obtain its very own multi-line system. Both of which have their advantages and disadvantages, which we will now explore.

1. On-Premises Multi-Line Phone System – 

You need many technical skills to manage and maintain this type of phone system, as it requires on-premises telecom equipment. For example, you may need a Private Branch Exchange (PBX) or Key System Unit (KSU) for this ageing phone system. 

2. The Cloud-Based Multi-Line Phone System – 

This is a more modern phone system that exists in the cloud; this is the system that can provide unlimited phone lines to your business without technical equipment or tricky to use hardware. Now working from home is more common than ever, this particular system is ideal as users do not need to be on-site in order to get through to each phone number. This system leverages Voice Over Internet Protocol (known as VoIP) technology. As it is a much newer system, this works using a standard internet connection rather than separate lines. Not only are these phone systems more capable, but they are extremely cost-effective for businesses of all sizes.


How Does It Work? 

Now you know the difference between traditional and cloud-based phone systems, you may be wondering how it works. Well, multi-line phone systems create an internal telephone network with separate extensions. This highly productive functionality lets operators hold incoming calls and see other extensions’ real-time presence.


How Can You Set Up Multiple Phone Lines?

Pescado can help you with the smooth set-up of your phone solution but first should decide which plan suits your business needs. We can set you up with a wide range of solutions, all of which create more flexibility for your business communications. You can learn more about our telephone solutions here and discover which is the right solution for your business.

There are countless options and features available for modern business telephone systems. At Pescado we get to know your business, enabling us to have an in-depth understanding of your communication needs, so we can recommend and provide the ideal office phone system for you. We take the pain out of choosing from a sometimes bewildering range of features and services, giving you experience-based, business-minded advice and hassle-free implementation and support.


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