Is Your Business Broadband Connection Letting You Down?

In today’s digital conscious climate, you don’t want poor internet speed to be your business Achilles heel. Unfortunately, this is the case for many small UK businesses that suffered £12 billion in losses due to poor internet connection failures and several hours of internet downtime. Fortunately, this article will help you understand how a broadband internet connection works and why your internet connection’s reliability and speed are essential to your business.

Broadband internet connection and how it works

Broadband offers high-speed internet connectivity to enable your business to stay online and access the web. Before the broadband evolution, dial-up connections were the go-to for many small businesses, a slower alternative than today’s internet solutions. Although various broadband services offer varying delivery and performance, businesses’ speed test results in the UK have shown that almost every business can get to at least a 2Mps connection. However, many can access more than 24Mps.

While many broadband connections may require a fixed-line, it is not always the case as others use a mobile network connection, satellite internet, and long-range WiFi transmissions by wireless broadband service providers. At Pescado, we connect through the UK’s leading networks, this means we can offer the best circuits available through a variety of providers. 


Importance of broadband internet connection for your small business

A faster internet connection allows you to access cloud applications and take advantage of cutting edge technologies. In addition to attracting more sales and investment, having the best broadband services can offer your business the following:

  • Competitive edge

Unexpected internet downtime can cost your business significantly as it delays your ability to be efficient and productive. Having a connection through a tier-one carrier means the service you receive will be the highest of quality.  

  • Motivates and promotes efficiency

Your staff are more productive and efficient with a faster internet connection. Many employees depend more on speedier internet connections than their phones in daily job performances. Slow internet connectivity means a longer loading time and more time required to complete jobs. This, in effect, causes a backlog in the business’s daily operations. Therefore, your business needs the fastest broadband available to experience the benefits of efficiency and productivity. 


Helpful tips to fix your broadband internet

Internet lags are typical if you have your working teams binging the internet all the time. It can be helpful to reach Pescado for your internet solutions. however, before you do, you can try these tips to fix your broadband connectivity issues:

  • Restart your router and modem
  • Check your real-time network to identify devices slowing your internet speed.
  • Scan for viruses and malware on your computer and other devices
  • Clear your browser cache
  • Run a speed test using speed test software or other speed test apps.


What are your business broadband internet needs? Ethernet over Fibre to The Cabinet (EoFTTC), Leased Line, 4G & 5G or SD Wan? 

Contact Pescado for a more reliable broadband today. You can call us on  033 000 22 000 or email us at enquiries@pescado.co.uk.