What Is Business Fibre Broadband?

Due to the extremely competitive climate, it has become necessary for businesses to find smart ways to stand out. One of the tools they use to keep things running smoothly is a fast, secure, and reliable internet connection. Broadband fibre is one technology many organisations use to facilitate their processes. There are several benefits of this technology, and everything worth knowing about it is discussed below. 


What Is Fibre Broadband For Business 


There is a variety of fibre broadband for business, including: 


Fibre to the Cabinet – FTTC

Up to 4 x faster than standard broadband. FTTC or Fibre to the Cabinet is the most common form of connectivity, because it’s both affordable and fast. Low price, low maintenance. and high speed, it’s the perfect solution to run your business efficiently.


Fibre to the Premises – FTTP

Up to 4 x faster than FTTC. Ultra-fast connectivity is a more reliable, robust type of broadband because it uses fibre optics all the way from the exchange to your building. This means no copper, no slow-downs and no sharing.


Single Order Generic Ethernet Access – SOGEA

Based on the current FTTC technology, but uses a combination of copper and fibre technology. It offers broadband at a lower monthly cost. Upgrades in technology over recent years have enabled providers to supply fibre broadband without the need of an analogue line, in the form of SOGEA. This means you get the same superfast speeds at a cheaper price, with even quicker installation.


FTTC and FTTP are often compared to each other. FTTC is cheaper to install and used as a more economical option, and FTTP is a pure fibre optic option. While FTTP promises super fast delivery to homes and businesses from an ISP, FTTC uses a blend of copper and fibre optic cables right up to the street cabinets, and then a PSTN line to connect the cabinet to your home or business. As the ISDN and PSTN switch-off looms businesses need to know their options.  FTTP and SOGEA do not run on copper so will not be affected by the switch off. 


What Are The Benefits Of Business Broadband Fibre 

If you are looking for reasons to get fibre broadband business, here are a few to consider

  • Increased Speed
  • Increased Reliability
  • Ease In Connecting With Relevant Stakeholder
  • Cloud Access
  • Opportunity For Business Growth


Get broadband fibre business solutions today from a trusted provider like Pescado. We will ensure all your business needs are taken care of. Start by reading our business connectivity guide to answer all of your broadband questions. If you would like any more information, contact us today!