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What is mobile device management?

One of the pinnacle productivity strategies of any competent manager is the means by which to improve staff and departmental communication. When this is taken care of, ideas flow more easily, reports are filed responsibly, and everyone remains on the same page.

As enterprise use of technological devices becomes a standard in many modern workplaces, it’s true to say that a new way of looking at maintaining and providing these functionalities is required.

These methods are useless if they’re unable to achieve security, utility, and ultimately achieve results more quickly. 

Mobile device management (MDM) serves as a means for IT departments to properly equip, maintain, and manage mobile devices used by your team. This provides IT administrators the chance to control, secure and update the policies utilised on each of these smartphones.

MDM is most often used as a core element of enterprise mobility management (EMM). This provides access to cloud file syncs, access management for the user profiles of your team, as well as application management. 

In effect, it allows IT administrators and those who set the IT policy to properly curate every smartphone so that it remains effective, functional, and most of all, completely safe for staff to use, even in a remote context. This way, the ability to load custom software, or the chance to interfere with the devices’ security protections are not available to any end user. Additional conveniences can be found, such as being able to render a smartphone unusable if not returned by a staff member leaving the firm or if the device is lost or stolen.


How does mobile device management work?

The best way to think of mobile device management is as a combination of enforced policies, software necessities, and processes designed to have full administrative control over every device.

This will often be controlled by an administrator’s terminal. They have the chance to set the user permissions of every employee ‘logged into’ a smartphone with their account, but also to control the phone’s features readily. For instance, enforcing the need for multi-factor authentication, disabling public WiFi connectivity options, or restricting certain settings are all essential measures often undertaken.


What are the benefits of mobile device management for my business?

Put simply, MDM makes your network safer even if a smartphone were to fall in the hands of someone hoping to cause harm. It can help protect against user error, prevent viruses from infecting your network, and also gives you great control over how your workplace devices are used by your staff members. After all, providing them a smartphone means providing them a smartphone customised for work responsibilities, not to use as their personal device.

Where do I get started?

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