Why do businesses have mobile phone contracts?

No business can thrive without exceptional communication capabilities. From the small bonding conversations amongst your staff to full-scale meetings and planning for events, any business that grows and succeeds does so in part because of its communication capabilities.

Of course, in the ever-changing technology landscape, how we interface with our daily conversations has differed dramatically in the last twenty years. Now, many companies find it prudent to provide their staff with mobile phone devices they can use on the go. 

Like any business investment, this must provide net value to the business, and be as fast, reliable, and cost-effective as possible. This can be easier said than done, particularly when it comes to managing large firms with many divisions and tiers of hierarchy.

These businesses tend to choose renewable mobile phone contracts to keep their business communication needs well-priced and cost-effective on a larger scale. 

But why do they opt for contracts over all else? Let’s consider why, below:



It’s important for businesses to cut costs where they can, which is why having a billing structure agreed as a combined pricing plan can help them plan for and arrange their payments more easily. This improves cash flow, and also prevents having to apply a range of disparate contracts or pay-as-you-go models. With custom packages, this can be tailored more easily to the needs of your team.



Choosing a contract length, data allowances, device requirements and networks is much easier when offered by one provider, and when all of your team are on the same page. This can help standardize your communications as you see fit, and change that as time goes on.


Up-To-Date Handsets 

Up to date handsets with the newest features are appreciated by your staff, but also allow them to leverage these necessities, such as high-definition video chat and hotspot functionalities, to the betterment of their productivity. This makes remote work more feasible, and also lowers the cost of outfitting your staff with devices individually.


What about keeping your old devices? 

With a business account you can enjoy flexible hardware funding, choosing whether to replace all or some of your kit or to put some cash back into the business.


Dividing Work From Home

Work phones provide your staff with the chance to separate work life and home life, which only lets them become more focused and satisfied in their job role. In some countries like France, unnecessary communication with employees after hours is prohibited, and we can expect that legislation to catch on.


Easy Internet Access

Business mobile phone contracts that provide access to remote data and hotspots can ensure that portable remote working is more feasible, without costing you incredible data fees.


Available Support

Having access to the UK based contact centre and a named account manager that can maintain your services, advise on technology solutions and help with any queries you may have.


Essential Addons

Contracts can be adjusted as time goes on, and add-ons may be preferable. For instance, device management, device security solutions, and more may be included in your contract depending on your needs.


Consider Pescado for all of your IT and telecom solutions in one place. Contact us, and we’ll make certain all of your communication provisions and more are accounted for.