What Internet Speed Do I Need For My Business?

One of the most important telecoms questions for business owners to consider is ‘what internet speed do I need for my business?’ The problem is the answer to that question might change as technology advanced and your business expands.

Your ideal business internet speed is not a static element and should be reviewed periodically, particularly if you are updating other technology in your telecoms or IT systems or adding new staff.

Understanding Internet Speeds

To know what internet speed you will require for your business initially it helps to know a little of the ins and outs of broadband.

Your internet connections actually have two speeds not one. One is for uploading and one is for downloading. You can quickly see that the internet speed you need for your business will depend very much on what your company does.

Downloading speeds will affect your file receiving such as documents, music or images. Uploading involves sending files.

Your internet speed is measured in bits per second. You might see speeds offered by business broadband providers in the following format: up to 10/5 Mbps. This means the first number refers to your download speed and the latter is your uploading speed. In this example, it would mean it takes you longer to upload files than download them. Upload speed is an important consideration when asking yourself the question what internet speed do I need for my business. If your staff need to regularly upload large files this is a drain on internet speed.

A term you will repeatedly encounter with telecoms providers is bandwidth. The more bandwidth your internet connection has, the more data you can have moving through it at a time. The better your bandwidth the better your uploading and downloading speed.

Check Your Current Speeds

Often, with poor quality business telecoms and IT companies, businesses will find themselves not receiving the speeds they are paying for or they do not have the adequate speeds for their usage. Experienced business telecoms companies like Pescado can assess your business needs, current speeds and suggest a business broadband solution that will not only be right for your company as it is now but also a flexible plan and system that can grow with your company.

When you are considering updating your business broadband try checking your monthly statement from your current business telecom provider. This statement should tell you how many megabits per second you pay for. Then run a speed test to see if your business broadband is actually delivering the speeds it should. Test are easy to run, simply head to a speed test site: http://www.speedtest.net/

What Factors Must I Consider When Choosing Internet Speeds for My Business?

The type of broadband you choose and your speeds will be impacted by…

  • The number of internet users in your office
  • How many will be connecting to the internet at once
  • What activities they will use the internet for
  • The recommended bandwidth for those activities, for example online gaming, browsing social media sites and streaming videos will be larger drains on your speed.
  • What computers you are using and their capabilities
  • Your distance form your chosen internet service provider
  • The kind of internet connections available in your area. Outdated internet methods are usually slower. Most varieties delivered over copper cables are slower and fibre broadband is faster.

Even with these guidelines it can be a challenge for business owners to accurately access their own business internet speed needs. It is hard to estimate how much bandwidth various staff activities require. Pescado’s expert telecoms team can help you accurately determine this when we assess the business services and IT systems.

If you are a business with heavy internet requirements such as video editing you may need speeds of 10 mbps but if you have many devices trying to connect this will push up the necessary speed to run your business productively.

Small offices

Small offices may need no more than 3 mbps if you have limited speed requirements. Even watching video on YouTube and other social channels shouldn’t require much higher speeds than this for a small handful of office workers. The most important considerations will be not paying for more than you need but providing your staff with enough speed to do their jobs properly and having a system that can be easily expanded to suit your growth.

Faster connections have a lot of advantages. They allow better online collaboration between colleagues and help you deliver a better service for your customers. If you use VoIP phone systems or cloud services or carry regular data backups, faster speeds will be highly beneficial. It is worth noting that data backups are one of the most important parts your IT services to ensure protection of your data should anything go wrong. Data backups are one of Pescado’s most in demand services so never overlook the hidden value of decent business broadband speeds.

Fibre broadband offers some of the fastest speed and allows the same speed for uploading and downloading.

Large Companies

Naturally large companies with various teams carrying out a wide variety of internet tasks, including high usage activities such as video editing, data backups, steaming, browsing social media, integrated VoIP and using specialist software will need larger bandwidth and much faster speeds.

Not only can we help determine the best internet speeds for your needs but we offer a wide range of options to suit different business sizes, including ADSL broadband, business leased lines, WAN broadband, where we can offer speeds of up to 20mbps for both uploading and downloading speeds and fibre broadband with speeds of up to 80 mbps for downloading and 20 mbps for uploading.

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