Office 365

Is Office 365 Cloud right for your business?

Depending on the size and nature of your business we all demand different things from our IT.

At Pescado we understand this and we always like to look at each organisation on an individual basis before offering advice and support to provide IT solutions that meet that organisation’s specific needs.

One solution which has proved popular with many of our clients is Microsoft’s Office 365 Cloud. The beauty of Office 365 Cloud is its adaptability. We’re the first to say there is no one size fits all solution but we’ve helped many businesses in different sectors and of all shapes and sizes to migrate to Office 365 Cloud. Could it be right for your business too?

Using Office 365 for your business

Connectivity and flexibility have never been more important. 365 Cloud is compatible with different devices so you can work wherever and whenever you want. This allows you and your staff to work seamlessly whether at a desktop PC in the office or on their tablet at home on the sofa.

More and more of us are working from home whilst sales and business development staff are often working remotely between meetings. This makes that possible and hassle free.

The other feature that our clients tell us they love is the way it makes working collaboratively easier. It enables users to work on shared documents, task lists, plans and schedules as well as screen sharing and online meetings. This can make a huge difference where staff work in different locations or work different hours.

Instant messaging, video calling and PC-PC audio all complement the email service to provide a complete suite of communication features.

Office 365 also updates automatically so you will always be using the most-up-to-date version (and the same version as your colleagues!)

The way we work is constantly changing and evolving. If you are looking at how you and your staff work and how your IT systems support your working practices then speak to us and we can help work out if Office 365 Cloud is the right solution for your organisation.