Is VoIP an option for business calls?

Is VoIP an option for business calls?

Yes, definitely! VoIP (voice over internet protocol) technology, can offer a cost-effective business phone system. It works by converting the voice signal from your phone into a digital signal, which then travels over the internet.

People often assume that this isn’t a viable option for business calls. This is usually because they have personal experience of using platforms like Skype. Most people will tell you they have found Skype and similar providers to be brilliant for personal calls to loved ones on the other side of the world but feel they aren’t reliable enough for important business communication.

Why should you use VoIP for business calls?

Don’t let the fact that this IP telephony system uses internet technology put you off. It is brilliantly reliable and the sound quality is excellent, if you have the right internet connection. It also offers fantastic cost savings, particularly if your business involves making overseas calls. It is important to ensure you have an internet connection that is suitable. If your business doesn’t have a fast enough connection then this will need to be resolved first.

Pescado Ola for example, which is our own hosted telephony system, offers a brilliant system for all your business calls. With this system calls are routed via our data centre over internet infrastructure. Our Pescado Ola customers therefore have to have their own private highway, which makes this a very secure and reliable system.

If you aren’t sure if your internet connection is suitable we can help check this and recommend the best solution to suit.

VoIP is becoming increasingly popular and a hosted system like the one we offer can be used by workers at different sites, including home workers. Changing from traditional lines to VoIP can lead to huge cost savings for most businesses.