What is SIP

IT jargon explained: what is SIP?

What is SIP?

 SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol. Ok so that is what the letters stand for but what does it mean? SIP is a standard internet protocol for initiating interactive communication sessions between users. In layman’s terms it is used for making phone calls and offers an alternative to the traditional landlines or ISDN lines that most of us use every day of the week. SIP is also used for video calling and instant messaging via internet protocol networks.

The user wouldn’t know they are communicating using different technology; essentially it will sound just like any other type of phone call. The clear advantage is significantly lower costs.

SIP phone channels run through advanced internet connections and calls can be made using existing PBX phones. With lower call rates and free calls between sites belonging to the same organisation, SIP can offer a cost effective telecoms solution for many businesses that have reliable connectivity in place.

Other advantages include flexibility. If your organisation moves, your number is portable and you can expand easily at the fraction of the cost of adding additional traditional lines. SIP also offers advanced features for inbound numbering disaster recovery.

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