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If you are looking for dependable, high-quality and professional Birmingham IT Support, Pescado is the company for you. Pescado offers a wide range of IT solutions to solve problems across an array of businesses and industries. If your business is based in Birmingham and the surrounding areas, Pescado is the first and only IT support service you need when your system experiences glitches, errors, or crashes. 


We provide a comfortable and streamlined service to transfer your systems where we can monitor everything day and night to keep everything up and running. This is the cornerstone of our service, as we believe trust, transparency, and communication is the most important element of building lasting business relationships. 


With Pescado, you can rely on a service that evolves to meet the demands of new technology and keep your IT infrastructure operating without any issues, 

Reliable IT Support

Whether you need support for something quick and simple or are battling more complex IT issues, Pescado will provide rapid and reliable IT support. Our expert team is well-equipped to handle a variety of IT issues, and because these issues can happen without warning, they are on hand to solve any problems at any time. You and your clients need the peace of mind that everything runs smoothly, and businesses across Birmingham can rely on Pescado to solve any problems without major disruptions to your service.

Quick and Efficient Service

Pescado stands out from the crowd by delivering quick and efficient service. This is all due to our special helpdesk that connects to your company’s systems. As soon as there is a problem, we scour our database for the perfect engineer who will get to work and solve any problems they encounter to get everything up and running. 


Our treasured Desk Director system details every step of the process, ensuring total transparency and giving you the confidence that any adjustments are within the service agreement.

Remote Monitoring

Whenever and wherever you need assistance, our Remote Monitoring service is the very best you will find in Birmingham and even across the entire UK. This state-of-the-art setup will monitor your systems continuously to identify and solve any issues. We respond immediately to any flags and get to work on identifying the root of the problem. The service is so effective that you may not even notice something has gone wrong, allowing you to get on with your day with no worries at all.

Take control of your IT

 Our team of consultants are ready and waiting to solve your IT problems in Birmingham.

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Technology support with a human touch

Whether you require one-off support or need Pescado to closely monitor your IT setup and systems 24/7, we provide a range of services to keep things up and running.


Our One-Off Support service is perfect for quick fixes even if you have not agreed to a service contract with us. Regardless of the problem, our team is happy to help.

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The Pescado Managed IT Support Promise will deliver ongoing solutions and care continuously, no matter where you are our team will solve all your remote and on-site IT problems.

Jem Blackford

Pescado IT Support Manager

“My focus is on ensuring customers get the best service possible in a timely manner. The nature of support is that every day is different. I’m lucky to have a great team who approach all challenges with good humour and expertise, as long as they have a regular supply of coffee!”

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