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Why Choose Pescado


Pescado is one of the top IT support companies in London and is the go-to choice for businesses that want to grow and take the next step.


Technology continues to evolve, which is why Pescado provides the best IT support across the capital and is happy to work with companies across all sectors to find the most effective solution for your company.  We do more than merely monitor your systems; we will go above and beyond to ensure the best experience for your company and customers and remove any issues your clients have faced before. 


Pescado prides itself on being open and transparent. We are clear on pricing and we make sure that every solution brings exceptional value. 


Our IT support London team is reliable and efficient. Their experience means they are readily equipped to overcome a wide range of issues, from complicated problems to quick fixes. 


Unexpected errors can crop up anywhere, which could disrupt your work and any time-sensitive client work, too. We assure you we will solve this problem quickly and efficiently whenever you need us. We’re happy to take on the stress so you can focus on what’s most important.

Fast Service

Wherever you are, we are ready to answer the call. Pescado engineers are equipped with a special helpdesk system that logs into your business’ tickets and identifies which engineers have the skills to solve the problem. 


Our Desk Director system details every step of the journey to view the engineer’s progress and gives you peace of mind that we match the service agreement to deliver the quality we promise to every client. As you don’t need to wait around for an engineer to arrive, we can get started on any problems immediately, saving precious time and delivering rapid responses to overcome the trickiest IT problems.

Remote Monitoring

We use the latest Remote Monitoring systems available, which allow us to keep a close eye on your systems and act immediately if there is a problem. Often, you won’t even notice there is an issue, and our team will have it fixed before it causes any issues within your business. We invest regularly in this service to stay up-to-date with the latest trends and changes, meaning we are always prepared for unfamiliar IT glitches and are ready to handle them swiftly and professionally.


This monitoring is the most reliable across the whole of the UK, so you are assured total coverage even if your company moves out of London. 

Take control of your IT

If you’re based in London and want to learn more about how Pescado can help your business grow:

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Technology support with a human touch

Pescado offers a range of IT support services in London and provides them with a professional and expert human touch.


Our one-time support will come to the rescue even if you have not agreed on a service contract with your business so you can overcome any IT problem.

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Our ongoing Managed IT Support means we will be there whenever and wherever you need assistance to fix IT issues and ensure your system remains up and running. 

Jem Blackford

Pescado IT Support Manager

“My focus is on ensuring customers get the best service possible in a timely manner. The nature of support is that every day is different. I’m lucky to have a great team who approach all challenges with good humour and expertise, as long as they have a regular supply of coffee!”

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