Secure business mobile devices

How To Keep Business Mobile Devices Secure

Do you supply business mobiles for your workforce? Perhaps your sales staff use tablets for client presentations and all the senior team have laptops? It is increasingly common for businesses to provide mobile phones and laptops or tablets to their workers. There are obvious benefits; field sales staff and individuals who work remotely or flexibly can all benefit from the right devices and connectivity as can workers who want to be able to pick things up outside of their usual working office hours.

This all sounds great and most employers want their workforce to be as available and connected as possible but it is understandable that some employers and managers have concerns about workers carrying around devices with sensitive company data in their pockets.

There have been plenty of high profile examples of sensitive data being lost or stolen. Remember the MI6 laptop left in a tapas bar? Embarrassing at best but at worst a potential risk to national security. So how do you ensure your workforce has the connectivity they need while knowing how to keep business mobile devices secure, so you are not taking unnecessary risks?

Keeping mobile devices secure

The first and probably most obvious thing is to insist that all company mobiles (or personal mobiles used to access company emails, call clients etc) are password protected.

Having an acceptable usage policy is also a good idea, this can help outline how company devices should (and shouldn’t!) be used. Including guidance on what to do if a device is lost or stolen will mean staff know how to act and will hopefully do so promptly.

At Pescado we work with a wide range of clients and understand that each client’s needs and security issues are different. We work with our clients to ensure their staff have the functionality and connectivity that they need to work effectively. Once we understand how staff will be working and what sensitive data they have access to we can make recommendations for mobile device management (MDM) and applications.

If a device we’ve supplied is lost or stolen we can act quickly to wipe all data from the device and/or remotely shut the device down. We can then provide a replacement already populated with all the data from our back up. If required we can also provide tracking software so you know where a specific phone, table or laptop is at any given moment.

It is crucial that businesses think about mobile data security. Breaches of client confidentiality, data protection fines, negative publicity and damage to your reputation and brand are all real concerns. Assessing risk and having the policies and procedures in place for how you’ll deal with the situation is key to protecting you business and customer information. A phone, tablet or laptop might be costly but can be easily replaced a reputation takes time to build.

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