The Internet of Things

Machine 2 machine or “the internet of things” (IOT)

At Pescado we pride ourselves on being at the forefront of developing technology. We’re self-confessed geeks and love technology so keeping up-to-date comes naturally. We’re genuinely interested in the next big thing and always thinking about practical uses for new technological developments and how our clients can benefit.

In recent years there has been a shift from a focus on converging mobile and fixed line. Customer conversations have developed and many now want to include the integration of IoT/M2M connectivity in their services.

We saw an opportunity to offer our clients a 360˚ approach to data management which would include IoT. We knew this was a great opportunity but we had to be confident we could deliver and maintain the high quality levels of customer service that our customers are used to. To do this we’ve partnered with market leaders Wireless Logic. This has enabled us to offer a seamless and complete portfolio of services. Clients are able to tailor their package to include whatever they require through from mobile, fixed line, wireless and M2M all through one provider.

So what is “The Internet of Things”?

The “Internet of Things” (IOT) or Machine 2 machine (M2M) is all about how things are connected and how data is transmitted. The “thing” in the internet of things is a smart device which gathers data which is then transmitted directly from the device.

Basically it could be any object that can be assigned an IP address and is equipped with the technology that enables it to transfer data over a network. You can probably remember hearing about how in the future your fridge would send a message to your mobile to let you know you had run out of milk. Well this is just one, practical, domestic example of how the “internet of things” might work.

Endless possibilities

It may well be you need sim cards to transmit tiny amounts of data on a regular or irregular basis; car park ticketing systems, number plate recognition or lift servicing information. These services can sometimes not be accommodated by the mainstream networks so we have a bank of specific suppliers that can accommodate any such request.

The possibilities are endless, so we’re excited to get involved and would love to hear from clients with ideas on how they might be able to benefit. If you would like to understand more then get in touch and we can talk you through how it could work for you.