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Mobile phones. Why business not consumer deals?

If you’re looking for a better mobile deal, as a business, you’re probably looking to increase productivity through collaboration; like linking your mobiles with your landline and in-house applications.

But business owners often presume business mobile contracts will be expensive and they miss the benefits of sourcing through professional telecom providers, typically because they’re searching for lower costs via consumer deals.

So why take a business mobile contract if you’re a small business? Why not just pop down to your O2/Vodafone/EE shop and buy that tempting deal you’ve seen online from the myriad of consumer offerings out there?

The reasons are many and all are important, from just getting on with running the shop to making sure you get real value….

  1. Do you really have the time to look at the thousands of tariffs out there, checking coverage, ensuring there are no ‘hidden clauses’ in the T&C’s – your time is way more valuable than that.
  2. Did you know any mobile device on a business contract is tax deductible as an asset and your bills will be exclusive of VAT? Significant facts, when it comes to business expenses.
  3. A next day warranty replacement for a faulty handset instead of waiting for it to go back to the manufacturer for repair is standard too – the kind of reassurance not available with a consumer contract which could leave you without a mobile for days or even weeks.
  4. The benefits of features like free calls between users, shared data allowances, roaming packages to meet business needs – these are all a far cry from what consumer tariffs offer.
  5. And a broker, like Pescado, isn’t tied to any network or device manufacturer, so you’ll get genuine, impartial advice to meet your business needs, not the package incentivised in-store – all of which means making an informed choice.
  6. Mobiles are essential for business, so tariffs and networks are vital as is advice on how you can use them to grow your business; like linking to your office phone and even your company infrastructure via Microsoft 365 or Teams. That SIM only deal won’t do that for you.
  7. And how long do you want to sit on the line, dealing with some faceless Call Centre where you’re just a number in a queue – at Pescado we treat our customers as partners. You’ll get account reviews, for example, to ensure you are clear on usage, overspend and underspend.
  8. And what about keeping your old devices? With a business account you can enjoy flexible hardware funding, choosing whether to replace all or some of your kit or to put some cash back into the business – Pescado can advise you on all of this. Impartially to meet your needs, not to hit some incentivised sales target.


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