National coding week

National Coding Week

National Coding Week is taking place this year from 19th – 25th September. Now in its third year the annual event has gathered momentum and become a key date in the IT calendar.

Events will be taking place across the UK and overseas. The idea of the week is to encourage people to learn more about coding. As IT professionals we think National Coding Week is a great initiative.

Why is national coding week needed?

There is a well documented skills shortage in IT in the UK. Coding in particular is an area where demand is outstripping supply. In the UK many businesses are finding it hard to recruit coders and other IT professionals and often have to look overseas for expertise in this area. It has been estimated that in the next two years there will be demand for an additional 745,000 workers with digital skills.

IT is a fast paced industry, new developments in technology mean that things are changing all the time and professionals in this area need to be committed and prepared to learn continuously. It is challenging but developments in new technology and the pace of the industry also make it a fantastic and exciting area to work in. It is estimated that by 2020 there will be up to 1.3million jobs unfilled in the EU due to the lack of relevant skills so for those willing to learn and get involved the opportunities open to them could be incredible.

National Coding Week aims to help people improve their digital literacy and share some of the excitement of working in this area.

There are events for people at all levels and it is hoped that by getting involved during the week some people will be inspired to continue to learn more.

People within the industry are volunteering their time to share their knowledge and expertise at organised events taking place in colleges, schools, libraries and community centres around the UK. The idea is to get involved and have fun at the same time.

The future of tech businesses in the UK is dependent on the skills and expertise of the workforce so now is the time to get involved!

To get involved and find out more about what is happening in your area visit the National Coding Week website.