Is your network prepared for a cyber attack?

Having adequate and effective cyber security processes in place is an ever-growing necessity for businesses throughout the globe, as the risk that a cyber attack poses to them increases exponentially each year. To put this into perspective, a 2017 government survey found that almost half of UK businesses surveyed had experienced some kind of cyber security breach, with an astounding 68% of large businesses identifying a cyber attack.

With a recent statement from the head of the National Cyber Security Centre, Ciaran Martin, stating that a major UK cyber attack ‘is a case of when not if’, it appears as though the threat of cyber attacks on UK businesses is not decreasing despite a much wider knowledge amongst the business community.

Any and all businesses MUST ensure that they have adequate cyber security in place within the business to reduce their risk to a cyber attack. This is of particular importance to businesses that hold sensitive customer data as from 28th May 2018, new General Data Protection Regulations will be introduced, meaning those businesses that cannot evidence that they have appropriate security in place to protect said data will face substantial financial penalties.

The risk of a cyber attack is unlikely to be completely removed, but there are a number of steps that a business can put in place to ensure that risk is kept to a minimum.

Reducing a business’ risk of cyber attack


Passwords should be changed regularly and should not be related to a person or the business itself. The ideal password will be a lengthy mix of letters (both lower case and caps), numbers and symbols, with each individual log in having an entirely different password.

Email security

Losses from targeted CEO email fraud attacks are growing 300% year on year and often the cause is something as minor as opening an email. To reduce the potential risk of email fraud, cloud-based email security is an effective solution.

Educating staff

According to a survey only 20% of businesses had invested in providing cyber security training to staff. Training is an essential element in tackling a business’ risk to cyber attack; in ensuring staff are aware of the threat, how to identify a potential threat, and what to do.


A business with adequate firewalls in place will ultimately minimise the risk to sensitive data breaches, it is essential that these firewalls are also configured appropriately to a business’ requirements.

Don’t forget mobile

Many businesses focus their efforts on their desktop IT alone, operating under the common misconception that mobile phones are immune to a cyber attack. In reality, many smartphones contain as much (if not more) sensitive company data than a desktop may and therefore it is essential for mobile security to be implemented.

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