Pescado and Exchequer

New client benefits from Pescado’s range of communication solutions

Exchequer Solutions

Chester based Exchequer Solutions is one of our newest clients. The business services company which works with recruitment agencies across the UK was recently named in the London Stock Exchange’s list of 1000 Businesses to Inspire Britain.

As a business they have seen rapid growth in recent years and felt it was time to reassess their business telecoms.

It is often the case that when organisations experience a period of rapid growth they outgrow their existing telecommunications set up or they are so busy with the day to day running of the business that they don’t find the time to review things like their telecoms provider.

Exchequer Solutions got in touch after a client of ours recommended our services to them. After sitting down with them, looking at their business needs and discussing their future plans it was agreed that our VoIP (voice over internet protocol) office phone system named “Pescado Ola” would be ideal.

We are now providing them with all their business mobiles as well as with Pescado Ola, our hosted telephony system. The system is perfect for them as it is secure and reliable – crucial to an organisation like Exchequer Solutions. They receive hundreds of inbound phone calls every day and lost calls could lead to disgruntled clients and loss of business so reliability is a priority for them as it is for many organisations.

The system is also really flexible and scalable so can be easily adapted as the business continues to evolve and grow. The wide range of functionality offers advantages too, whether it be call recording, voicemail to email and even the ability to use the system on their mobile. Reliability and feature rich business applications were key motivators for this client to select Pescado Ola and coupled with significant cost savings the transition made business sense.

This new client is thrilled that in the process of improving their system we have also been able to save them £800 a month on their office telecoms system and £100 a month on the cost of their business mobiles, a total saving of almost £12,000 a year!

If it has been a while since you reviewed your business mobiles or office phone systems then get in touch. You could be saving money or benefiting from a system which is more reliable and offers greater functionality. We’d be happy to spend time talking to you to understand your business and looking at the options that would work best for you.