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Office Move – 8 Handy tips on how you can avoid the pitfalls

You have found your new premises and are all excited about the office move but what next?

Having moved in February this year and supported a multitude of our customers with their moves we wanted to share our experience.

Tips for a smooth office move

  1. Connectivity – Don’t take it for granted

The networks are improving all the time but don’t take it for granted that your new location will have excellent connectivity options at a price you are willing to pay.  High speed broadband and an excellent mobile signal are a must for most businesses, make sure you check out your options before you sign a lease.

  1. Lead times – Have you factored in time for install?

Depending on the connectivity you need the lead times can vary from a couple of days to in excess of 90 working days to install.  If you have left it a little late don’t worry, Pescado can offer a temporary 4G wireless solution to get you up and running the next day.  This will help you keep working whilst you await your main connection.

  1. Current Contract – What is your notice period?

It is not unusual to see contract terms of 36, 48 and even 60 months for Voice and Connectivity services, make sure you check out your contract obligations.  You will need to give notice of termination and if you are in contract you may be liable for penalties.

  1. Plan ahead

Don’t just think about what you need right now think about what you need for the future.  Make sure the solutions you implement are scalable for both capacity and functionality.  Pescado implemented our own VoIP solution in 2010 and in that time we have grown from 25 to 65 users across 2 offices with multiple homeworkers.  The Pescado Ola system has grown with us in terms of numbers and the functionality we need as a growing business.

  1. Downtime?

If you have physical systems onsite that need moving, these will need to be coordinated to make sure your customers can still reach you.  Maybe it’s time to look at Cloud services they are perfect for ensuring business continuity and can be implemented alongside your move.

  1. Service redirection

If you haven’t already made the switch to VoIP your phone number will need to be redirected.  You may have invested in a new number, for a period of time your customers will continue to call your old number, don’t forget to ask your provider to implement a call divert.

  1. Engage your employees

An office move can be a big upheaval, make sure you engage with your team and keep them updated on what is happening.  Ask them what they want from the new offices, they will no doubt have some great ideas.  Maybe it’s time to implement a new system, giving your team the right communication tools can increase productivity by as much as 2 hours per day.

  1. Ask for help and advice

There is a lot to coordinate so don’t be afraid to ask for help.  Pescado not only had our own office move this year but help businesses move all the time.  We have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to moving Connectivity, IT systems and Telephony solutions.  We will work with you to plan the move and make sure it has a positive impact on your business.

If you would like to know more about our solutions or find out how we have helped others, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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