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It’s important you know what’s going to happen next. It is important that you read this guide, and if you have any queries don’t worry, we are here to help.


The latest information on your installation wherever you are working.

We make sure we keep you informed every step of the way, to help us do this we use a project planner called ‘Basecamp’ this will keep you updated at regular intervals so you can see what we are doing and when we do it.

You can view Basecamp online or via the Basecamp app on your smartphone, giving you the most up to date information on your installation wherever you are.

Please note due to the nature of some installations and to make the implementation as seamless as possible, multiple site visits may be necessary.

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Site Survey

Once the paperwork is complete, we will call you to arrange a convenient time to conduct a site survey to ensure that you have all that is needed for a smooth transition. If the site survey shows that you need additional cabling, ports and switches, don’t worry these can be installed by our engineers. This will all be discussed with you and any additional costs will be highlighted and quoted for your acceptance prior to any work being carried out. During the survey the system design engineer will speak to you about how you would like the system to work for your business.

Just in case you need us...

Onboarding contact:
Account Number:

or call us on: 033 000 22 000

Please quote your account number on all correspondence, your unique account number is

Porting your existing phone numbers

We need you to capture all details of the phone numbers you wish to keep on a letter of authority form (LOA). We will confirm details of the LOA with you and submit the form to our provider.

Important: You need to inform your current supplier of your intention to leave prior to the submission of the LOA. This will ensure the porting request doesn’t come as a surprise and subsequently blocked.

Ports are broken down in to two categories.

Simple; this is generally for single numbers or very small number ranges. Lead time generally around 10 days.
Complex; this as the name suggests is for multiple lines and large number ranges. Lead time around 30 days.

We will of course let you know which of these apply to you.


Our hosted voice solution requires internet connectivity. If we are providing this for you then this will be ordered and details of engineer visits to your site or sites will be communicated to you in advance – please note these dates are subject to change.

For broadband installations please ensure that BT Openreach install the new socket for the line as close as possible to the intended physical location of the Pescado Ola router. We will identify the best location for this and mark it, you will just need to point this out to BT Openreach.

Delivery of your equipment and installation.

Once we have a confirmed port date, we will order your equipment and on occasion this may be sent directly to you in advance, we ask that you keep this safe until our engineer attends site.

We will call you and arrange a date for our engineer to install the system. On the day the engineer will be available to answer any questions you have about the system to help you get the best out of your investment. The engineer will also leave an installation note with each handset which contains a link to a webpage detailing frequently asked questions and handset guides.

Go Live

You can go live on the Pescado Ola system prior to your numbers porting as we can simply place a divert on your existing set up and point it to ours. There is a charge for this as it will involve you paying your existing provider the cost of the diverted calls.

Minimum System Requirements

Ensuring you have a successful installation

These are our system requirements, the following will allow you to identify and point out anything that is required to our system design engineer during the site survey.

The purpose of the site survey is to asses the suitability of the site and identify any additional works that may be required prior to installation. This will ensure the installation is carried out efficiently causing minimal disruption to you.

You the customer should provide the following:

  • Suitable network infrastructure (CAT5 or higher performance structured cabling) within the premises.
  • Ensure the comms room and cabinet are in a suitable condition for the installation to proceed, and that the existing cable infrastructure is well organised.
  • An RJ45 port is available on the patch panel and at each location where a desktop phone is to be deployed, and that these ports are clearly labelled.
  • A minimum of 3 standard 13A power sockets are available. More sockets maybe required for more complex setups, but don’t worry we will let you know what you need.
  • You will need to confirm that none of the numbers to be ported to Pescado are used to provide:
    • Broadband or Internet services
    • Monitored alarm services e.g. RedCare

If you port these numbers you will suffer and irrecoverable disconnection of these services.

  • Ensuring there is a minimum of approximately 20cm of available space within the cabinet or enclosure where the Pescado Ola Router and Switch are to be installed. There will also need to be enough room for cabling and patch cords to link the system to the patch panel
  • Confirm that all identified works identified the survey have been completed prior to the installation of Pescado Ola.

If cabling is required let us know prior to installation and we will provide a competitive quote. Please note we may need to visit site prior to quoting so that our cabling engineer can discuss what will be needed.

Thank You

Thank you for placing business with Pescado. It maybe one mobile, a phone system, IT support agreement.... it really doesn't matter, our ethos is the same. We want to serve you brilliantly, offer great advice and of course great value. We don't shy away from feedback so please let us know if we can help you or improve further please contact myself and the senior management team at TheBigFish@pescado.co.uk

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